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April 23, 2014

If you're looking for child care and some household help, but would prefer someone more mature and more like a family member than a nanny or young au pair, then our article on the rise of Granny Au Pairs could be of interest.

And we have a fantastic giveaway for you this month in the form of Angela Mollard's new book, The Smallest Things.
Stuck for childcare & no family nearby?

A granny au pair may be just what you need

As we all know, quality child care is in short supply and if you're in the position where you'd love a nanny but don't have the funds, or you could do with some grandparent help but have none nearby, then the latest child care inspiration - The Granny Au Pair.

You may have previously discounted the idea of an au pair due to the image of a young, homesick studenty sort with possibly little experience in child care. Or you might have been put off by the other image of the super-efficient, gorgeous blond from Scandinavia. But perhaps it's time to reconsider.

Would the idea of a more mature age woman, from your mother's generation appeal? A woman who has reached retirement with a desire to travel and see more of the world, but not necessarily with the funds to be able to do so on her own and looking for a nice family to live with and help out for a summer or a set period of time?

Well it's entirely possible. With an ageing population and a more sprightly generation of pensioners who want to see more of the world when they finally retire, more mature ladies (and some gentlemen), aka "granny au pairs", from all over the world have increasingly been using their experience of raising children and running a household to travel around the world and expand their horizons while staying with families who need a helping hand with the kids and chores.
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The Smallest Things
by Angela Mollard
The Smallest Things is a book for all those parents who devoured Baby Love and What to Expect When You're Expecting but find themselves dumped by Baby Inc. after the first year – right when toddlers are shoving their fingers in power sockets and you're hot footing it back to work. Just as Nigella Lawson wrote How to Eat and Caitlin Moran wrote How To Be A Woman, journalist and television commentator, Angela Mollard, has effectively written How To Be A Mother (although unfortunately her publisher didn't go for this title).

"Childhood, Mum had once said to me, is not preparation for life, it is life. But in the tussle between home and work I'd forgotten what a privilege it is to be a parent – to have in my hands and heart two small souls I have for only a short time to guide and teach and enjoy. If I pressed on, driven by deadlines and a stultifying work ethic, then I'd miss everything that really mattered."

This is Angela's story of wanting to be good at her job while still getting a gold star for parenting; of her challenge to give her children an Enid Blyton childhood without moving to the country, giving up technology or bribing them with ginger beer. Throughout this sweet and funny memoir (including her many parenting fails), Angela provides readers with real and helpful parenting tips including:
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