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If you are a woman over 50 or your mum is, then you might be interested to read about the new Granny Leave that's proposed in the UK, which puts forward the idea that all women over 50 should be eligible to up to 6 months off work (like Parental Leave) to look after grandkids or elderly parents. Our mum in profile this month, who has 3 boys is Tiffany Faglin, founder of TheChicElement.
Granny leave
Should over 50s get leave to look after grandchildren?
granny leaveIn our recent article on Grandparent babysitters, we quoted ABS figures that show that 937,000 children received care from a grandparent on a regular basis in 2011. But what if those grandparents also need to be working themselves?

While the new Coalition government is getting the Productivity Commission questions together on the subject of child care, maybe this is something they should consider adding to the list of considerations. A leading think tank in the UK has proposed that women over the age of 50 should be entitled to "Granny Leave" to care for ageing parents or grandchildren.

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) says thousands of women over 50 are being forced to give up work because of the demands of looking after family members.

According to the UK's Daily Mail, The think tank "suggests that 'Granny leave' could last for up to six months and would give grandparents the statutory right to return to jobs following their time off".
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Mum in profile - Tiffany Faglin
Tiffany FaglinFrench Australian Tiffany was born and grew up in Tahiti, but has lived in Australia for many years. She lives on the Gold Coast with her three boys, Keeanu 4½, Romeo 3 and Texas 15 months and her husband, Olivier.

C4K: You've got three busy boys and you work from home. How does that work? What's your daily routine?

TF: I am the creator of TheChicElement, which specialises in Office Style for women. My focus is on bringing a selection of beautiful, quality items to decorate workspaces in a way that is uplifting and inspiring for women. It is all about beautifying the workspace by adding personal touches of colours and prettiness through accessories, decoration, furniture and lighting.

A typical day here starts at 5:45am when the boys are up. A typical day of work involves the boys being dropped off by 8 am – I like to get housework done, the kitchen & laundry have to be done before I start my day of work around 9am. I am fairly ruthless with my schedule because it helps me fit as much as I can into my day without procrastinating.

Between 4-7:30pm I don't usually work unless I have something urgent. This is my time for my family. From 7:30pm after the boys are in bed I like to have some me-time or resume working. I also make sure to complete certain tasks that will make things easier for me the next day such as scheduling a washing for the next morning so that when I wake clothes are already clean and just need to be hanged and have kindy bags and clothes ready and my kitchen must be clean before bed.
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