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If you've been suffering from Motherguilt, then suffer no more, because research in Denmark reveals that kids do better in school when they have working mums than they do with stay-at-home mums. We also look at the best child care solutions for single parents.
No more motherguilt
Children of working mums do better in school
working mumsIf you're struggling being at work while your babies are in child care then read on. YOU ARE DOING A GOOD THING.

Yes, it's official; if you're a working mum and you're punishing yourself with motherguilt, then stop, because recent research has come to the conclusion that children of working mothers do better in school than those of stay at home mums.

The Effect of Maternal Employment on Children's Academic Performance, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research was conducted by a team of policy analysts and economists from the US and Denmark who tracked 135,000 Danish children from birth until the age of 15.

The analysts examined the association between a child's "grade point average" in year 9 and his or her mother's work patterns during the first three years of the child's life, and separately during the first 15 years of the child's life.
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Single parents best child care solutions
…for those with little support
child care supportSingle parents are on the increase, but that doesn't mean that being one is any easier now than it was 20 years ago.

Single parents generally do not have the choice to stay at home or to work. They are the family's only breadwinner.

The lack of another person at home to take up the slack, divide chores, parenting, school meetings and out of school activities, especially when there is more than one child is incredibly difficult.

And with more interstate or international migration and working grandparents, single parents often don't have family to help them out either, so and flexible child care is key.

Child care centres with set hours can often not provide enough flexibility for single parents, so here are a few options worth considering for more flexible child care.
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