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The weather's starting to heat up and we're all getting back into the sea and thinking about summer holidays by the pool. Do you know the signs of drowning and are you up on swim safety? Time for the annual water safety talk. We also look at a pioneering scheme called Babies at Work that allows parents to take their babies to the office for the first year. Dream scenario or complete nightmare? You decide.
Babies at work
Dream scenario or complete nightmare?
babies at workEarlier in the year Marisa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, angered employees by setting up a nursery in the office so she could bring her baby to work. Her move infuriated some stay-at-home Yahoo staff, following her demand that all remote workers report back to the office.

As reported in the UK's Daily Mail, the high-flying executive took the demanding top job at Yahoo when she was five months pregnant and stirred up controversy when she took only two weeks of maternity leave after giving birth the previous year.

But at her own expense, Mayer built a nursery adjacent to her office to be closer to her son.

Having your baby in the office would seem like the perfect solution for many parents, particularly for the first year. And also as employees generally have the standard 20 days annual leave, this is the annual dilemma – what the hec do you do with your kids for the 6-8 weeks of the summer vacation?

Of course older kids can usually get by with some vacation care, play dates, sports camps and the like, or if they have to come into the office they can sit there with gadgets, books or drawing quite happily for most of the day. They might even be a bit useful.
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Don't be complacent about water safety
Make sure the whole family is swim safe this summer
water-safetyIt's that time of year again when the weather's starting to heat up, summer holidays are around the corner and we're all looking forward to summer on the beach and by the pool.

There has been an alarming rise in the number of very young Australians drowning over the last year and authorities are at a loss to explain why.

According to the latest drowning statistics, 31 babies and toddlers under the age of five drowned in waterways, pools and bathtubs in Australia over the last year. That's a 50 per cent increase on the previous 12 months.

Simon Santow of the ABC recently reported that for the Royal Life Saving Society the annual drowning figures are "a sobering reminder about the risks Australians take in and around water".

In his recent interview with Simon Santow, Justin Scarr, CEO of the Royal Life Saving Society said that people assume that the majority of drownings happen in a beach location and that's not the case.

"We see 34 per cent of drowning deaths happening in inland waterways, so our lakes, rivers and dams are largely unpatrolled and we're seeing large numbers of drownings".
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