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We're sure you're all gearing up for a lovely Mother's Day this Sunday and being spoilt by your family and so we have a wonderful Mother's Day poem to share with you plus we comment on the NQS ratings.

Parents rate child care highly
Two thirds of parents rate their child care as excellent

Child care qualityDespite figures announced on quality ratings for child care by ACECQA, our recent survey said two thirds of parents rate the standard of care their children are receiving as excellent. Under 2% thought the care their children received was below average.

Although regular assessment and evaluation of child care operators is of course necessary, the new ratings system is putting huge amounts of pressure on these services, many of whom are struggling to keep their heads above water with the new National Quality Framework guidelines.

The admin that these assessments impose on child care operators is huge and initiating a program and employing qualified staff to implement it takes time.

One of the most important and key areas, as far as overall quality is concerned, is the provision of set numeracy and literacy programs in child care, particularly for those children who are in their last year of preschool before going into formal education.

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Mother's Day poem - I'm Your Mum
I'm there for you each morning
  And in the middle of the night.
I think of you throughout the day
  And worry through the night.
I cook, I clean, I shout, I play,
  I clean up all your mess.
I teach you how to read and write,
  To wash and brush and dress.
I love you when you're perfect
  And when you're being a brat.
I try to hide my feelings
  When you call me old and fat.
I work my butt off night and day
  In the office or at home.
You have no concept what I do
  Until you're all alone.
I love you when you're happy
  And when you're feeling glum
I'll always be there in your heart
  Who am I? I'm your mum.
Mother's Day
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