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Are you finding it hard to juggle work and child care due to time constraints, lack of child care options, travel or lack of workplace flexibility? Knowing your views is really important both to us and to the industry and the powers that be. So please take a few minutes to take our 8th annual child care and workforce participation survey an IPad Mini is up for grabs plus a whole stack of great prizes from Doodlebugs.
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8th annual child care and workforce participation survey

child care survey 2013An iPad Mini plus a luxury pamper hamper could be yours.

It's another year, but it feels like Groundhog Day when it comes to some of the issues facing parents. Still top of the agenda is the rising cost of child care, lack of places for the under twos, child care centre time constraints and lack of support and flexibility on the part of employers.

This month we're running our eighth annual child care and workforce participation survey and we're looking for record numbers of respondents once again to get as much feedback from parents as possible.

Are you finding it hard to juggle work and child care due to time constraints, lack of child care options, travel or lack of workplace flexibility? How much do you spend a week or month? How long it take you to find child care? Is the cost of child care making it virtually unfeasible to work at all? How much have you paid on a waiting list? Do you still feel valued as an employee?

We'd love to hear from you and for you to let us know about any of these and other issues you are facing as a parent.

For your time an iPad mini could be yours plus a whole stack of amazing things you wish you had – click here for all the details.

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Life is good

Regina BrettA recent post did the rounds on Facebook, based on the 42 Lessons Life Taught Me written by US writer, Regina Brett. The Facebook viral would have you believe that Regina is 90, but in fact she is now in her fifties, a writer for the Plain Dealer, a daily newspaper in Cleveland Ohio. She is also a mum and breast cancer survivor.

Regina first wrote this list at the age of 42, just after she had gone through breast cancer treatment. She has since added to it at the ages of 45 and then 50. But, whether 90, 50 or 42, these words are wise and worth putting on your fridge for a bit of positive affirmation when you’re feeling down, defeated, exhausted or brilliant…

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Give a Gonski
to get more funding for Australian education

i give a gonskiGonski Week of Action is now underway and with only a few weeks to go until politicians make a decision on schools funding we are asking you to lend your support.

Over the past year nearly 60,000 Australians have registered their support for the Gonski reforms to schools funding and there are plenty of ways for you to make yourself heard:

  1. Fill out this form to order fliers you can distribute to friends, neighbours and colleagues (the Gonski team will post them to you). Here’s a one page fact sheet to help you talk about Gonski.
  2. Download and print out this signup sheet – ask people you know to sign up to register their support and then send the completed form back.
  3. Contact your Premier or Chief Minister. Even if you've done so before, our leaders need to hear again why you give a Gonski. It will have even more impact if you take a few minutes tell them why in your own words.
  4. Are you a teacher or another member of school staff? A number of schools have a staffroom Gonski morning tea planned. Find out if one is planned for your school; if not, why not host one at your school?
  5. Keep an eye on Facebook to find what else is happening – we'll send regular posts to let you know of activities planned around the country.

Let's make Gonski Week of Action a great success.

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