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Hello and happy school holidays. Already mid-way through the year. This week we take a look at the issues facing mums returning to work after a longer period of time off than the usual 6-12 months maternity leave. We also have a great article on the incredibly inventive and persuasive ways our children try to delay going to bed.

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Back to work after extended time out
How to successfully get back into it

return to workFor many reasons women who initially choose to or have needed to stay at home after having kids find themselves wanting to re-enter the workforce and pick up their careers or start a whole new one several years later, for example when the kids are all at school.

Re-entering the workforce after a long time out can obviously present many problems and concerns for women, such as lack of confidence and self-belief and worries about coping with the parenting and work juggle. It's hard enough going back to work after the usual 6-12 months maternity leave, let alone when you've been out for 3, 4 or more years.

Research from the UK in 2012 showed that women returning to work as new mothers were likely to take jobs they were overqualified for and under utilised in because low occupational, low paid areas offer the best deal in terms of part-time and flexible work.

The result is a talented pool of women working well beneath their career ladder capability. And that's OK, as long as you're happy with that situation.

Our survey revealed that 53% of women said their careers were less important and less of a priority after having kids, and that's pretty normal, although it doesn't mean that you don't want to progress. However, the stigma of being a mother, and worse, a mother who has been out of the loop for a long time, can often be or at least seem like a huge barrier to overcome.

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Delay tactics
The creative ways children try to delay bed time

Go to sleepBy Sophie Cross

My daughter has always been a great one for delay tactics. For everything. Her favourite and most used word is actually, "wait". It really is. She uses it as a general punctuation now without even thinking.

Children learn the art of delaying very early on; around about the same time they learn to play their parents off one another and get their certificate in advanced negotiation skills.

They do it before they can even talk. And as they get older, their excuses and reasons for one more minute get more and more creative.

These are some of my current favourites:

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