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Crazy or Genius?
UK child care ratios increasing

In a time when Australian child care providers are being asked to decrease the ratio of children to carers to improve quality it may come as a surprise to learn providers in the UK are being permitted to increase the ratio of children to carers in a move British politicians say will improve quality and cut costs.

A BBC news report says providers will be permitted to increase ratios only if carers meet qualification requirements and that the changes could be effective before the end of 2013.

As with Australia, the ratio of carers to children varies according to age and the type of care, but under the current proposals ratios are set to increase from three children per adult to four children per adult for kids under one and from four children per adult to six children per adult for kids under two.

In Australia the ratios are currently one adult per four kids for both under ones and under twos.

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Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

Going by the number of heart shaped chocolates in store at the moment it would seem we must be approaching Valentine's Day. Help the children in your service share their love by trying one of our simple craft ideas. We have a range of activities and you will find something to suit kids of any age in your service.

Butterfly Valentine - Turn a humble toilet roll into a cute Valentine's Day butterfly.

Love bugs - Kids will love creating a menagerie of cute little bugs to share their love.

Heart mouse - Suitable for the youngest children, this easy project results in a sweet little mouse.

Heart caterpillar - A variation on the mouse above, suitable for very young children.

Heart hats - The kids will enjoy making these thematic crowns to wear on Valentine's Day.

Heart glasses - This project results in an adjustable pair of glasses which the kids could also wear on Valentine's Day.

Stuffed hearts - Suitable for any age, this project results in pretty hearts that would look lovely hanging from the walls in your service.

Heart tree - Another activity which the kids can work on individually which results in a collective work of art.

Paper hearts - A great opportunity for younger kids to practice their fine motor skills.

Valentine's Day cup - This activity involves a number of stages which older kids will enjoy.

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First aid, anaphylaxis and emergency asthma requirements

As of 1 January 2013 early childhood educators in all states and territories must meet the same first aid, anaphylaxis and emergency asthma management training requirements. (Transitional arrangements ended on 31 December 2012 except in WA where they continue until 1 August 2013).

To meet the requirements of the National Quality Framework each Family Day Care educator and assistant must hold all three approved training courses and all centre-based services must have at least one educator on site who is immediately available in an emergency who holds an approved first aid qualification and has undertaken approved anaphylaxis and emergency asthma management training.

For services on a school site, it is acceptable to have an educator at the school site who holds all three approved training qualifications, as long as they are immediately available in the case of an emergency.

Visit the ACECQA's website for a list of approved qualifications and training courses.

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