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My Incredible Creation! An IVF Journey
Forty years ago, the world's first IVF baby was born and since then, millions more children have arrived with the assistance of in vitro fertilisation and other advanced reproductive technologies.

Despite so many children being conceived in this way, it can still be tricky for parents to explain IVF in child-friendly terms. This is where My Incredible Creation! An IVF Journey can help.

Created by husband and wife team, Julian and Jennifer Duband, this brand-new book combines science and humour to show IVF children, and children conceived the old-fashioned way, where they came from and to celebrate this special kind of conception.

With rhyming language, gorgeous collages on each page and a glossary of 'real terms' at the back, this book is informative, entertaining and – just like IVF kids – an incredible creation.

This title is perfect for families and educators to share, and here's an excerpt from the book:
  • I want to share my story, of how I came to be.
  • And how I came into the world, most mysteriously.
  • It's really quite a journey, that needs some explanation,
  • I'll tell you all about it, my incredible creation.
  • Spring had sprung, the sun was out, as I walked home from school.
  • In a tree I did see, a sight that was so cool.
  • Way up high I saw a nest and heard some little squeaks,
  • And when I looked more closely, I saw lots of little beaks.
  • Chicks were hatching out of eggs, and they could hardly see.
  • They pecked the egg around them, trying to break free.
  • And then I wondered to myself, if I was born that way.
  • I'd have to ask my parents, and see what they would say.
  • Did I hatch out of an egg, so high up in a tree?
  • And squeak and flap my arms about, like a little chickadee?
  • And If I came out of an egg, then how did I get in?
  • Please tell me guys, I want to know, just how did I begin?

Where can you get a copy?

You can order the title here and thanks to Duband Books, we also have three copies of My Incredible Creation! An IVF Journey to give away.

To enter, just email and tell us in 25 words or less why you'd like to win this book.

The competition starts Wednesday, 5 September and ends Friday, 7 September, 2018.
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