May 2011  
Over Regulated & Over It?
Child care once again finds itself in the middle of party politics

Over Regulated Just when we thought things had settled down and were looking up for working families and addressing the skills shortage, one of the benefits that makes the most difference to the average working family, the Child Care Rebate, recently looked like it was on shaky ground.

Treasurer Wayne Swan has reportedly said that the child care rebate will not be targeted as a cost saving for the upcoming budget though Minister for Child Care and Early Education, Kate Ellis has not officially ruled it out.

Sussan Ley, the coalition's childcare spokeswoman, welcomed the move describing the proposal to cut the rebate as a "ham-fisted cash grab" and said "I hope the thousands of parents upset by these scare tactics can sleep a little easier". (read more).

Child care industry issues at the moment are enough to make any working parent's head spin. The new Quality Assurance regulations have been called into question with rumours of child care workers threatening to leave the industry in droves with the new regulations making their work impossible; increased fees are very much a reality with the new regulations meaning increasing numbers of staff are required with more qualifications (which should be a positive thing) but in the same breath there were calls for very large fines (more than the average child care worker's wage) to be administered (in a non-aggressive or exclusive way of course) to any child care worker putting children in the naughty corner.

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We'd like to know…

If the rebate was means tested so that any families with a joint income of over $150,000 will not receive the rebate how many of you will this affect and if you fall short of the rebate, how will this affect your position as a working mum?

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Child Care Workers Put In The Naughty Corner
For over discipline while other centres accused of neglect

Naughty Corner Two more conflicting stories have emerged this week due to child care and its regulation – with a new ratings system due to start next year. The Herald reported that more than 1000 children needed medical treatment and dozens were taken to hospital after serious accidents at childcare centres in NSW last year.

A Herald investigation revealed many of the accidents were not witnessed by staff, raising serious questions about supervision with children being sent home with broken arms and elbows and other injuries unseen or unreported by centre staff.

This apparent neglect, if true, only serves to back up the need for smaller staff to children ratios, which will come into effect by January 2012, and demonstrates the need for more qualified staff and better pay for those who are in charge of our children on a daily basis. This, teamed with other news stories about the call to fine child care workers up to $50,000 for putting over-disciplining children or inappropriate discipline metered out in the form of the naughty corner or in the more PC term, "time out". Apparently time out is no longer PC or appropriate given it excludes children from participating in activities and can lead to long-term psychological damage.

Is a crackdown on childcare workers and separating children going too far? Is this over-regulation in the extreme? If we start dictating every little way child care centre workers can or cannot talk to, deal with or discipline our children, we're simply taking every bit of authority away from them and they may as well be completely unqualified (albeit perhaps with a first aid certificate) and told to simply babysit the kids and make sure they don't injure themselves or others…

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Flu Comes Early To Australia
Time for the jab – but which one for kids?

Flu Experts are warning that we may be in for a particularly bad winter as far as flu is concerned with states already registering up to four times their usual numbers for serious flu cases. The health authorities are recommending the flu vaccine for children over six months and under five years, the elderly and anyone who suffers from medical conditions that are susceptible to flu, but parents should be aware that the recommendations for which type of flu vaccine are slightly different to last year…

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has recommended the use of Influvac® and Vaxigrip® for use in children between 6 months to less than 5 years of age under the National Immunisation Program (NIP). Fluvax is not registered for use in children less than 5 years of age in 2011. For children aged 5 to less than 10 years of age, it is recommended that Vaxigrip® and Influvac® is used.

Fluvax® may be used in children aged 5 years to less than 10 years when no alternative vaccine is readily available. If Fluvax® is administered parents should be informed of the potential risk of fever but that febrile convulsions are rare in this group. The full ATAGI statement including the rationale for these recommendations is available at

Let Them Eat Cake?
The importance of finding the balance between healthy eating and food paranoia

Let them Eat Cake? The media reported recently that child care centres are being warned against feeding children too many sweets and desserts, with doctors saying that regular dessert is creating poor habits for life.

Doctors and nutritionists want "nutritionally void" desserts such as jelly and ice cream banned from menus and Sydney Children's Hospital consultant paediatrician Patricia McVeagh said children don't need dessert.

"It programs or reinforces that preference for sweet and fatty foods and they will be more likely to carry that preference into adulthood, potentially leading to problems with obesity and cardiovascular disease.

"There are also concerns about their brain development in the longer term", she said.

A one-off dessert for a child's birthday was acceptable but should be removed from the daily menu, Dr McVeagh said.

The team all agreed if we took dessert off the menu in our houses we think our kids would pack their bags and leave!  Perhaps daily dessert is not necessary, but should they really be limited to just birthdays and special occasions? Are we placing too much emphasis on eating habits and restrictions at too young an age and just going to the opposite extreme?

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Ere Perez

Ere Perez Ere Perez was born in Mexico but has lived in Australia for 13 years and is the founder of Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics. She lives in Tamarama, NSW with her husband Juan and 20 month old daughter Maura and is seven months pregnant with her second child.

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Welcome to the May issue of Child Care News for Parents and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ♥

We're sure you're all gearing up for a lovely Sunday being spoilt by your family(?!). We're well and truly on our way into winter now and the flu season has started early. Experts are warning of a bumper flu season this year so do you get the jab and which ones are recommended?

The child care rebate was recently put into question with a means test threat which was subsequently quashed…this is quiet for now but we ask what it would mean for you and also how you feel about recent suggestions child care workers be disciplined for putting children in "time out". Are we over-regulating child care? Take our quick mini poll.

And with one set of experts telling us to ditch desserts and another telling us to stop our kids getting eating disorders, how do parents find the balance of educating their young children on healthy eating without making them completely food paranoid?

Finally… if you're sick of waiting for a call for that elusive child care place, we have the service for you – our new Child Care Vacancy Alert PRO service just made finding child care much easier.

Until next time, Happy Mothers Day!
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