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Sharon A is a Babysitter/In Home Carer/Nanny, with 4 years experience caring for children from newborn to 15 yrs old. Sharon A is represented by Abracadabra Childcare Services child care agency.

Carer Rates (+ Agency Booking fee $33.00)

Please note:

- If bookings are received within 48 hours of commencement of the assignment or made after hours then the booking fee will be $40 (+GST).

- If bookings are remote then there maybe an increase in the agency booking fee, please contact the agency for details

- If children to be cared for are from different families or if there is more than 3 children please contact the agency for details as additional fees maybe involved to comply with children to carer/nanny ratio

26.00 per hour (flat rate)
35.00 per hour (flat rate)
Minimum booking is 4 hours
Australian Nanny Association Member
Child Care Qualifications - Cert III+
Drivers Licence
First Aid Certification / CPR
Lactation Consultant
LifeSaving Certificate / Austswim
Mature Aged Carer
Nursing experience
Own transport
Public Liability Insurance
Special needs care experience
Teaching Experience
Character references on file
Permanent Resident
Police check / Working with Children check
Temporary Resident
Written references on file

- 2nd Year Psychology Student- University of Canberra

- Fitness Certificate IV- Australian Institute of Fitness (2018)

Youth Work Certificate IV- Canberra Institute of Technology (2016

Other courses

- Working with Vulnerable People
- First Aid Certificate

Child / Nanny Related Experience

Dates: 2016 to Current
Position: Casual Nanny / Babysitter
Company: Private Family, Heidi Barker

Caring for one 7 year old boy at commencement where I am available on call when needed.  I have been responsible for after school care which includes preparing afternoon tea and evening meal, outdoor play, games and activities, stories and reading and getting him ready for bed.  I also carry out household duties where required.

Dates: January 2016 to December 2017
Position: Residential Support Worker
Company: OASIS Salvation Army/Canberra Youth Residential Services 

Empowering homeless youth (16-24 year-olds) to transition from crisis accommodation into longer term housing

  • Displaying empathy and compassion to encourage young people to approach and confide in me
  • Recognising, identifying and addressing inappropriate behaviors to ensure a safe environment for each client
  • Effectively working in a team as well as independently to ensure client status and vital information was circulated appropriately with co-workers to assist them to provide additional support
  • Working in an ethical manner following legal and legislative policies and guidelines
  • Understanding the range of services available within the ACT and identifying and engaging the client with the appropriate service

Dates: June 2015 to January 2016
Position: Nanny
Company: Private Family

A responsible adult, taking care of a 6-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl after school hours

  • Motivating and educating young learners to assist with homework
  • Connecting with young people to better understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviours by building rapport
  • Maintaining focus, responsibility and accountability  

Other Work Experience

Dates: February 2019 to Current
Position: Performance Coach
Company: Fortitude Human Performance Coach

Coaching both HIIT and strength classes to small groups and coaching individuals

  • Understanding regional anatomy and physiology to deliver effective training programs
  • Presenting information in a simple and logical way to ensure each client is engaged and learning
  • Building rapport with clients to ensure clients’ individual needs are being met
  • Understanding human nutrition to provide appropriate advice to meet the needs of each client
  • Maintaining continual contact with clients showing ongoing support and education
  • Travelling to clients’ home gyms to demonstrate exercise programs that can be implemented

Dates: January to December 2018
Position: Seaman Sailor
Company: Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Gap Year

A seaman sailor required both at sea and ashore 

  • Cooperating with colleagues to quickly and competently learn new roles
  • Adapting to varying demands at sea and ashore depend on a cyclic postings
  • Carrying out discipline requests to meet directions from higher ranks to ensure smooth operations within the workplace
  • Displaying time management to meet deadlines within a regimented environment
  • Maintaining a healthy work/life balance to ensured I maintained a positive manner toward my job and the people around me
  • Carrying out vital decision making while in charge

Dates: March 2015 to December 2017
Position: Waitress / Bar Tender
Company: The Wren Events 

A vibrant, enthusiastic waitress/bar tender in weddings and conferences

  • Effectively and efficiently planning by identifying individual tasks to ensure a seamless event
  • Ability to connect with diverse clients and groups of people resulted in a large number of positive reviews and feedback
  • Maintaining an approachable/friendly demeanor whilst working under pressure
  • Presenting myself professionally and taking pride in my personal conduct enabled me to deliver high quality, professional events that adhered to the company’s standards

Dates: 2016 to 2017
Position: Intern
Company: Nous Group Management Consultant

An intern for 12 weeks over the university breaks learning and participating in management consulting within the public and private sector

  • Articulating and presenting structured ideas to small groups
  • Delivering presentations on various occasions about my learning experience to increase my confidence and reflect on my work
  • Networking with professional bodies face-to-face, over the phone and via email
  • Focusing on attention to detail while proofreading final reports
  • Liaising with various businesses to identify and address their needs to increase their efficiency

Dates: February 2011 to January 2015
Position: Kitchen hand and Delivery driver
Company: Eagle Boys Pizza

A kitchen hand and a delivery driver in a fast-paced team environment

  • Training new employees
  • Leading the team by delegating tasks and ensuring smooth operations
  • Dealing with conflict resolution to maintain customer satisfaction and business reputation
  • Possessing an optimistic personality that radiated throughout the workplace, resulted in a positive and resilient approach to all tasks


  • Rugby League
  • Caring for children and mentoring of teenagers

Feedback / Written References

To whom it may concern, 

My name is Heidi Barker, I am writing this letter to recommend Sharon Atkinson for future baby-sitting work. Sharon has cared my 9 year old Son on various occasions for over 2 years. Throughout this time I have watched Sharon grow into a very mature young adult.  

Some of the responsibilities given onto Sharon included, cooking dinners, going outside to play, putting my son to bed and general clean ups. Sharon takes a lot of pride in her work and I can see that she puts 100% into everything she does. 

I felt so comfortable leaving my Son with a person who had such a fun and caring personality. If you are looking for a committed and trustworthy individual I definitely suggest Sharon as a key interest.  

Thank you. 


To Whom It May Concern, 

Sharon Atkinson is a student studying a Bachelor of Psychology at the University of Canberra.  I met Sharon earlier this year as part of the Career Trackers Indigenous Internship Program where I work as a Student Advisor.  
Sharon is an active participant in our program which provides support and guidance to university students whilst simultaneously facilitating internship opportunities during their university breaks.  I first met Sharon in March 2017 when she joined our program.  Since then, I have had regular contact with Sharon in the form of monthly meetings on campus and regular phone conversations to provide support and coordinate Sharon’s first internship. 

Sharon is a dedicated and fastidious student who is acting as a role model for her younger siblings.  As the first in her family to attend university, Sharon is striving to achieve great things in her studies.  In order to gain further professional experience, Sharon participates in corporate internships during her semester breaks.  She completed her first internship at Nous Group Canberra in June/July 2017.  She received amazing feedback from her team and has paved the way for other Indigenous university students at Nous Group Canberra.  Sharon will return for an internship at Nous over her summer break and continue to participate in the CareerTrackers program during semester.  

Whilst studying, Sharon also works as a youth worker in crisis accommodation support for young people suffering from homelessness.  This is shift work that Sharon manages around her studies and usually results in her finishing work late at night. 

Sharon uses her car to get to and from work but also to and from university as she lives outside Canberra in a small town, Sutton. I worry about the impact financial instability would have on Sharon’s studies. 

Please contact if you require any further information. 

Kind Regards, 

Lily Brouwer-French 
Student Advisor 
Indigenous Internship Program 

  • Australian Nanny Association Member
  • Child Care Qualifications - Cert III+
  • Drivers Licence
  • First Aid Certification / CPR
  • Lactation Consultant
  • LifeSaving Certificate / Austswim
  • Mature Aged Carer
  • Non-smoker
  • Nursing experience
  • Own transport
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Special needs care experience
  • Teaching Experience

Screening & Background Checks

  • Character references on file
  • Permanent Resident
  • Police check / Working with Children check
  • Temporary Resident
  • Written references on file
  • Babysitting nights/weekends
  • Bathing of children
  • Cleaning of children's area(s)
  • Cleaning of family area(s)
  • General Errands (Shopping etc)
  • Laundry - Children only
  • Laundry - Family
  • Live in Accommodation
  • Participation in family outings
  • Participation in family vacations
  • Pets
  • Plan & participate in childrens outings
  • Preparation of Meals/Snacks - Children
  • Preparation of Meals/Snacks - Family
  • Special Diets

Activities to undertake with the Children

  • Art
  • Computers
  • Cooking
  • Drama & Dance
  • Exercise
  • Free Play
  • Language development
  • Music
  • Outside play
  • Planning of children's outings
  • Science
  • Stories & Reading

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