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Babysitter/In Home Carer/Nanny
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Mercedes N is a Babysitter/In Home Carer/Nanny, with 3 years experience caring for children from any age. Mercedes N is represented by Abracadabra Childcare Services child care agency.

Carer Rates (+ Agency Booking fee $33.00)
25.00 per hour
Australian Nanny Association Member
Child Care Qualifications - Cert III+
Drivers Licence
First Aid Certification / CPR
Lactation Consultant
LifeSaving Certificate / Austswim
Mature Aged Carer
Nursing experience
Own transport
Public Liability Insurance
Special needs care experience
Teaching Experience
Character references on file
Permanent Resident
Police check / Working with Children check
Temporary Resident
Written references on file

Education and other courses

Macquarie University : 2004-2010
Bachelor of Arts with a Diploma of Education and a minor in Italian.

Queenwood School for Girls : 2007-2012
Other courses
• National History syllabus in school training 2015
• Early Career Teachers 2014
• Resuscitation Training 2015
• Senior First Aid certificate 2015
• Anaphylaxis training 2015
• National Mathematics syllabus in school training 2014
• National English syllabus in school training 2013
• PBEL: Positive Behaviour Engaging Learners 2013
• SMART Teachers ‘See, Share and Shape the Future Workshop 2011
• St Johns Ambulance Senior First Aid Certificate 2011
• The Enhancing Success in Mathematics project 2009
• ‘Beyond the Line’ School Community Visit, Dubbo 2008
• ‘Organising a School Carnival’ Workshop, NSW Sport and Recreation 2008
• ‘Games Sense’ Workshop, NSW Sport and Recreation 2008
Lindfield Public School (LST, Grade 3, Kindergarten)

Mosman Church of England Preparatory School (LOTE K-6)

West Ryde Public School (Grade 2, PE)

Beaumont Road Public School (LOTE 3-6, Science and Technology ES1)

In 2015 I was accredited at proficient level according to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. As an experienced teacher I demonstrate a strong determination to facilitate effective teaching and learning environments throughout all primary stages, on a wide range of educational platforms. This is achieved through my continuously evolving pedagogy which targets the individual learning outcomes, of my students, with high but achievable expectations. Through experience gained at Lindfield Public School, whilst teaching Kindergarten and Year 3, I have been able to improve on and implement engaging and innovative teaching practices, which cater for a wide range of learning styles and abilities. My NSW DoE approval to teach K-6 is supported through:

• The creation of a dynamic learning environment, which is achieved through using the kinesthetic, audio-visual, spatial and competitive learning preferences of my students. This consistently encourages them to become independent workers and more engaged learners, who develop a greater sense of ownership for their learning. A vital component in this process is an ongoing assessment process. As learning is fluid, I utilise different forms of assessment, to maintain and efficiently monitor the forward direction of my students learning. As a teacher of Kindergarten it is essential for me to assess and record assessment data, using Best Start at the start of the year. This is critical for establishing a learning environment that is supportive of the needs of all my students. Ongoing collection of assessment data, throughout the year, using different forms of both formative and summative assessment, ensures that all students are working at a level that both engages and challenges them. The assessment process in my class involves regular pre and post-testing across different mathematics strands, weekly sight word knowledge recall and using the PM Benchmarking kit for reading assessment. The numeracy and literacy continuums are used to track this data and my teaching and learning programs are adjusted according to needs of my students. My teaching and learning programs consist of early learning strategies from Count Me In Too, Letterland and Jolly Phonics. Whilst teaching Stage 2, I have similarly used data assessments to help direct and design programs that best facilitate learning outcomes of all students, in a learning environment of high but achievable expectations.

• Using established and highly successful teaching and learning strategies within the classroom environment, which cater for students who come from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds and learning needs. This includes dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, ODD, autism spectrum disorder and students with emotional disturbance. In order to cater for these diverse needs, I have successfully implemented visual timetables, set realistic goals, developed individual and group behavior plans and written highly detailed Individual Learning Plans. This has resulted in every child’s needs being met within my classroom which has ultimately enhanced student learning outcomes.

• Extensive experience gained through my role as a teacher of Relief from Face to Face, at Mosman Preparatory School for Boys, Beaumont Rd Public School and West Ryde Public School. This role involved teaching over twelve classes across all stages and designing and implementing highly differentiated French, Spanish, PE and Science and Technology teaching and learning programs, which included implementing significant behavior management strategies catering for the individual emotional and learning needs of all students. These highly engaging programs were designed to ensure all students were working towards successful achievement of the NSW syllabus outcomes appropriate for each grade.

• Effective teaching of EAL/D students within an integrated classroom setting. Providing these students with optimum teaching and learning conditions allowed the children to develop further their English language skills. As a result all EAL/D students within my classroom have been able to develop an appreciation and understanding of the cultural needs of the school. Some of these learning conditions include incorporating the differing cultures of my students into lessons as a way of validating their identity, seating EALD students with sympathetic and encouraging native speaking students, and including cooperative and communicative activities into my daily teaching practice.

Establishing and maintaining the elements of quality teaching and classroom practice are paramount in being an effective teacher. I continually demonstrate quality teaching and outstanding classroom practice through:

• Integrating the use of technology into all Key Learning Areas. Technology is integral for future focused learning of learners in the 21st Century. Through knowledge gained by attending professional learning courses such as the SMART Teachers ‘See, Share and Shape the Future Workshop, I have been able to effectively integrate technology into my regular classroom practice. I have successfully implemented the strategies I learned which engage students and enhance their learning through the use of interactive technology, such as the IWB, internet, Web 2 tools and Notebook Software. I have successfully collaborated with other schools through video conferencing and connecting to other teachers using social network, which has given me additional opportunities for professional development and has enhanced my skills in implementing a broad range of learning applications using both laptops and iPads.

• Establishing a supportive learning environment for all students, in which students feel secure in taking risks with their learning. I achieve this through creating a framework of high but achievable expectations of my students, in both behavioural and learning outcomes. I establish these expectations at the beginning of each term, ensuring all students continually feel emotionally and physically safe and have a solid understanding of the role they play in their learning, within both the classroom and whole school setting. This also allows students to feel a sense of ownership for their achievements and learning outcomes.

• Having a strong understanding of all pedagogical content knowledge. This allows me to design and implement effective and engaging teaching and learning programs which meet the individual learning needs of students. These programs are developed collaboratively and incorporate differentiated activities, which cater to the range of skills, interests and intellectual development of all students. My outstanding skills in planning and programming, combined with my experience in interpreting and reading data allows me to mould my pedagogical framework and foster ongoing improvement of student outcomes. As a result I am able to deliver both timely and effective feedback to my students which further increase their learning potential. Through my involvement with the ‘”Enhancing Success in Mathematics” project , as part of an alliance between Macquarie University and primary schools within the Hills District of Sydney, I was able to develop these skills further and share my experience and knowledge with my colleagues. This project centred on analysing data from the NAPLAN assessment, in all mathematical strands, and creating differentiated units of work which extended the students consistently achieving results in the highest bands. The outcome of this project was the successful strengthening and challenging of Gifted and Talented students’ abilities, through a series of superior practical learning tasks, developing their higher order thinking skills.


Reading, Sport, Cooking, Education & Development

Education & Qualifications

  • Australian Nanny Association Member
  • Child Care Qualifications - Cert III+
  • Drivers Licence
  • First Aid Certification / CPR
  • Lactation Consultant
  • LifeSaving Certificate / Austswim
  • Mature Aged Carer
  • Non-smoker
  • Nursing experience
  • Own transport
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Special needs care experience
  • Teaching Experience

Screening & Background Checks

  • Character references on file
  • Permanent Resident
  • Police check / Working with Children check
  • Temporary Resident
  • Written references on file
  • Babysitting nights/weekends
  • Bathing of children
  • Cleaning of children's area(s)
  • Cleaning of family area(s)
  • General Errands (Shopping etc)
  • Laundry - Children only
  • Laundry - Family
  • Live in Accommodation
  • Participation in family outings
  • Participation in family vacations
  • Pets
  • Plan & participate in childrens outings
  • Preparation of Meals/Snacks - Children
  • Preparation of Meals/Snacks - Family
  • Special Diets

Activities to undertake with the Children

  • Art
  • Computers
  • Cooking
  • Drama & Dance
  • Exercise
  • Free Play
  • Language development
  • Music
  • Outside play
  • Planning of children's outings
  • Science
  • Stories & Reading

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