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Emma W 'Mummy Nanny'... is a Babysitter/In Home Carer/Nanny, with 10 years experience caring for children from any age. Emma W 'Mummy Nanny'... is represented by Abracadabra Childcare Services child care agency.

Carer Rates (+ Agency Booking fee $33.00)

Please note: If bookings are received within 48 hours of commencement of the assignment or made after hours then the booking fee will be $40 (+GST).

27.00 per hour (flat rate)
35.00 per hour (flat rate)
Minimum booking is 4 hours
Australian Nanny Association Member
Child Care Qualifications - Cert III+
Drivers Licence
First Aid Certification / CPR
Lactation Consultant
LifeSaving Certificate / Austswim
Mature Aged Carer
Nursing experience
Own transport
Public Liability Insurance
Special needs care experience
Teaching Experience
Character references on file
Permanent Resident
Police check / Working with Children check
Temporary Resident
Written references on file

Degree: Bachelor of Primary Education - 2002 – 2005 (Jan 2006 graduation)
Australian Catholic University

Higher School Certificate - 2000 – 2001
Cerdon College

Other courses

Sydney Diocese CEO number: 041309
Parramatta Diocese CEO number: 169978801
Institute of teachers number: 215099

July 2013 (Term 3) – Feb 2015 (I then took maternity leave)
Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC) – Garfield Barwick School , North Parramatta

I have worked as a teacher’s aide in a kindergarten class at an independent school for hearing impaired children. My role includes assisting the classroom teacher with lesson preparation and resources. Whilst the classroom teacher takes one child out for their individual session, I teach the remainder of the class subjects across all KLA’s as well as run library sessions and Prelit reading program sessions. I have also recently assisted the coordinator in planning the scope and sequence for K-6. Another role which I have been selected to assist in is assisting teachers in administering the Dibels assessment. After which I enter the data in the database for K-6. Last year I was a teacher’s aide in a year 4/5 class where I completed the same role as described in the above paragraph. I also ran the Minilit reading program for year 1 students.

February 2013 – July 2013
Kip McGrath Teacher
Greystanes and Bossley Park

I taught Kindergarten to year 8 students who needed extra assistance in English and Maths as a second job. I planned and programmed individualised lessons for each student I taught. I have also completed administration work including entering student data into a database.

March 2013 – Feb 2015
Neutral Bay

I babysat 2 siblings as a third job. One of which is the boy I used to nanny for from 2010-2013. He was 4 and his brother was 7 months of age. I cared for the boys while their parents work at home on Saturdays. I would take the boys on outings and create activities of interest for them. I performed various duties including feeding, dressing, changing, bathing, settling for nap time, hanging washing out and completing any given tasks.

September 2010 – January 2013
North Sydney

I was a nanny for 1 child (2 years old) and had been caring for him full time, sole charge since he was 3 months old. I was required to perform all duties including playtime activities, feeding, dressing, changing, bathing, settling for bedtime, preparing family meals, washing, tidying, shopping, driving to necessary destinations/classes, ironing, completing any given tasks as well as planning activities for the child.

January 2010 – August 2010
Sydney In Home Carer

I was contracted to work with families who needed support and were not coping very well. I worked with one family for six months who had 4 children aged 5, 3 and twins who are 2. Duties which I completed on a daily basis include: all aspects of caring for the children (meals, bathing, dressing, toileting, teaching, transporting, arrange activities to participate in). I also supported the parents with coping techniques. The 2 eldest children had a global development delay and a severe speech delay. I taught the children activities given by their speech therapist on a daily basis.

July 2009 – January 2010
Herbalife Independent Distributor

I ran my own health and nutrition business through Herbalife International. Tasks included: sales, advertising, research, liaising with customers and other distributors, running weight loss challenges, attending seminars, recruiting distributors, online training, phone conferences as well as ordering stock.

December 2008 – August 2009

I have my own ABN number and ran an educational business. I worked as a governess/nanny, teaching and caring for 2 children whom of which were 6 years and 8years of age. I was required to run the house and perform all household duties including cleaning, washing, tidying, organizing events, shopping, driving to necessary destinations, completing any given tasks, planning tasks and activities for the children as well as tutoring them. I also completed work for the parents as a personal assistant.

September 2007 – December 2008
Casual teaching

I was employed on a casual basis at various independent schools in Sydney. I mainly taught at Trinity Grammar School – Preparatory School in Strathfield teaching years 3 and 5.

Private tutoring
September 2007 – December 2008

I tutored students from K-6 during the week teaching English and Mathematics. The students were from Santa Maria Del Monte. I created resources and activities in order to extend them beyond their current school grade level.

January 2005 – September 2007
Santa Sabina College: Santa Maria Del Monte - Primary School
Year: Kinder and year 3

In 2007 I worked in a job share position teaching year 3, 2-3 days a week. During 2005-2006 I taught Kindergarten in a job share position. My normal teaching role included: teaching a class size of 26, programming, assessing, lesson preparation and designing resources, differentiating the curriculum, integrating the Catholic faith within the school environment and creating a fun, safe, positive and rich learning environment in order to foster the students’ life long journey of learning. I have participated and gained experience in many aspects of the school environment throughout the year which include:

• Organising excursions for 72 year 3 students.
• Knowledge and experience with formal and informal assessment procedures, including portfolios, 3way interviews, report writing, checklists, anecdotal records and standardized testing.
• Establishing and implementing effective classroom management strategies.
• Liturgical preparation
• Implementing strategies for students with challenging behaviours.
• Communicating with parents to provide and explain information regarding social, academic and behavioural progress of students.
• Continual professional growth through an ongoing program of job related knowledge and skill development to include attendance at workshops, reading professional literature, attending staff meetings with a major focus on Literacy, Assessment and Mathematics.
• Managing a group of 72 year 3 students during music lessons and on duty.

2 years (2003 – end of 2004)
Presbyterian Ladies College Extension Centre
Teacher, tutor and teachers aid

When I commenced my employment at PLC Extension Centre I was a teacher’s aide for K-1 English class and year 2-3 science course. My duties included preparing some activities, assisting students with their work, supervision in the playground and classroom. I gained some experience in testing the gifted students using the Slossan Intelligence test. For 2 terms I taught my own art class titled Wild Wheels (term 4- year 2/3 class, term 1 -K/1 class). My duties included planning the entire course and adapting it to meet every child’s individual needs due to them each having different gifted and talented ability levels. I also had the opportunity to create educational resources and liaise with parents in order to ensure that their child’s needs were being met. At the end of each term I wrote individual reports which integrated all forms of assessment that I had recorded each week. Throughout the terms I attended regular meetings in order to best fulfill my duties as a teacher at the extension centre. For the next term I worked one on one with a special needs student who was diagnosed with ADHD then Asperger’s Syndrome as well as being Gifted and Talented. This proved to be highly challenging where I had to stay with this child during each lesson and adapt the work to suit his needs. I designed and made many resources for the child in order to teach him independent working skills to aide his learning. I also tutored students in Mathematics and English. The students were of various year groups – years 2, 3 and 6. The previous term I tutored a student for positive thinking and confidence.


Reading, sports, writing, arts & crafts

  • Australian Nanny Association Member
  • Child Care Qualifications - Cert III+
  • Drivers Licence
  • First Aid Certification / CPR
  • Lactation Consultant
  • LifeSaving Certificate / Austswim
  • Mature Aged Carer
  • Non-smoker
  • Nursing experience
  • Own transport
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Special needs care experience
  • Teaching Experience

Screening & Background Checks

  • Character references on file
  • Permanent Resident
  • Police check / Working with Children check
  • Temporary Resident
  • Written references on file
  • Babysitting nights/weekends
  • Bathing of children
  • Cleaning of children's area(s)
  • Cleaning of family area(s)
  • General Errands (Shopping etc)
  • Laundry - Children only
  • Laundry - Family
  • Live in Accommodation
  • Participation in family outings
  • Participation in family vacations
  • Pets
  • Plan & participate in childrens outings
  • Preparation of Meals/Snacks - Children
  • Preparation of Meals/Snacks - Family
  • Special Diets

Activities to undertake with the Children

  • Art
  • Computers
  • Cooking
  • Drama & Dance
  • Exercise
  • Free Play
  • Language development
  • Music
  • Outside play
  • Planning of children's outings
  • Science
  • Stories & Reading

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