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Although bullying in the early childhood setting is not something we hear a lot about, it does happen and is an issue which can very confronting for families with young children. Parents of the 'bully' may experience feelings of disbelief and shock and it's likely the parents of the child being bullied will feel angry and disempowered.

As with many of the issues faced by young children, storytelling with books is an effective way of raising awareness and promoting discussion about many childhood experiences, and this is where Phil the Ferret comes in.

Phil is the creation of a young writer named William Reiner, who says the story began as a cautionary tale about the perils of making bad decisions and grew into a tale about a wise young ferret dealing with bullying without resorting to violence and by demonstrating to the bully that you are not afraid.

Phil, the main protagonist, is a happy-go-lucky ferret. He meets up with his ferret friend Jane at a nearby lake, where they sing ferret songs and eat carrot cake. All of a sudden, a mean, nasty, gruesome bully by the name of Hugo the hawk shows up to pick on Phil and Jane. Phil however, is not defeated. He comes up with a simply cunning idea that would outwit even the smartest of animals.

William says the simple heartwarming story, written in rhyming verse, should resonate with most children and his goal is to see a copy of his book in every early childhood setting and primary school in Australia. He is also hoping families will embrace the book and the sweet heartwarming characters.

To order a copy of the book for your family visit the website www.aferretnamedphil.com.au

For more information about bullying in early childhood settings click here.

We have six (6) copies to give away

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