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September 23, 2015
We have an amazing new website ready to explore on your favourite device. This includes a one-stop waitlisting system, child care compass for those who are a bit lost, easy login covering all your child care needs. Let us know what you think.

Did you know that Child care accounts for 20% overall education cost is the steepest annual riser by far? We look at the cost of education and child care throughout a child's life. We have a great little competition this month to win a copy of a gorgeous new book, A Ferret Named Phil, which deals with the issues of pre-school bullying.
We have a brand new website
Have a look and tell us what you think
As part of our ongoing evolution and commitment to you, we've redesigned our website with the aim to provide the easiest and most efficient way for you to access all the child care services you need to make your life just that little bit less complicated and give you more time to spend with your children.

Over 3.5 million parents visit® each year in order to find child care, so we've listened to what you want and need.

Finding child care is even easier

The new home page designed to make it even easier for parents to search for care.

Simply filter by type of care, age of child, days required and in one click we'll show all the relevant services with vacancies or all services in your selected area.

Or you can click on the "locate me" button on the main toolbar from a mobile device and all the services near you will appear like magic. The map shows everything from the number of services, types of service available, parent ratings and reviews and the average cost of care in your area.
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Child care accounts for 20% overall education costs
And is the steepest annual riser
Parents pay the equivalent of, or more than, private school fees for their children's child care, accounting for around a fifth of their child's total education expenses. Even if you're not even contemplating private schooling for your child, you're likely to have paid the equivalent of a few year's private school fees before they even reach the local Kindergarten.

And while independent private school fees are slowly increasing, child care outstrips their increases by far, rising by 8.1 per cent each year over the past five years. Private school fees have risen between 3-5%, still greater than inflation (2.3%).
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A ferret named phil
Book giveaway
Although bullying in the early childhood setting is not something we hear a lot about, it does happen and is an issue which can very confronting for families with young children. Parents of the 'bully' may experience feelings of disbelief and shock and it's likely the parents of the child being bullied will feel angry and disempowered.

As with many of the issues faced by young children, storytelling with books is an effective way of raising awareness and promoting discussion about many childhood experiences, and this is where Phil the Ferret comes in.

Phil is the creation of a young writer named William Reiner, who says the story began as a cautionary tale about the perils of making bad decisions and grew into a tale about a wise young ferret dealing with bullying without resorting to violence and by demonstrating to the bully that you are not afraid.
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