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Clair Goldie, 30, has worked as a babysitter and nanny part time for 15 years, while juggling studies and other jobs, including Media Analyst and 1st Assistant Director in reality TV production. She has now decided to study early childhood education at TAFE and become a career nanny or early childhood educator. She lives in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and is, amongst other things, also a keen trapeze artist! 

C4K: Many mums of small children might think you're completely mad wanting to do it as a career...why do you want to work in child care?

CG: I've always loved spending time with children, watching them learn and grow. I really like being a part of that, contributing to their lives and how they are raised.

C4K: You're looking into getting your Certificate III in early childhood education, have you already applied for a course? How difficult is it to get a place?

CG: Unfortunately it seems that the OTEN Early Childhood Cert III course is full at the moment and I have to wait for a position to come up. I did actually apply a few years ago and got into the course, but I had to decline in the end because I couldn't afford to work/study part time.

C4K: What are your main reasons for studying for an early childhood education certificate?

CG: The main reason for wanting to complete the Cert III is so I can work in a childcare facility in the future and also to gain more knowledge about children and what makes them tick. It's also going to get more and more competitive I think and with the new Quality Framework, child care workers with qualifications are going to be in more demand.

C4K: What sort of experience have you already had in child care? 

CG: I started babysitting when I was 15 years old, which included a lot of school drop offs/pick ups, after school care and night-time babysitting. I then became a nanny at 23 for a family with 4 children. As my first nanny job, it was challenging to say the least, but the children were wonderful, really well behaved and always helped when I needed a hand. I've pretty much worked as a nanny part time ever since juggling it with my TV production jobs.

C4K: What are the benefits of a nanny for parents? 

CG: Children really relish one-on-one time and if parents have a nanny, they are guaranteed that their children will get the full attention they require. A nanny devotes the whole day to your child(ren), whether it be reading books, playing in the park or simply companionship. Ideally, a nanny is there to be a suitable replacement for the parent. Someone to reinforce your rules and to aid in raising your child. It's also really useful for parents with several younger children because it eliminates all the dropping off and picking up at various different locations and makes home life a bit more consistent.

C4K: Many parents are scared off employing a nanny because of the perceived cost and lack of government support for nannies. Do you think that child care should be fair in terms of making rebates and tax benefits eligible across all forms of legitimate child care? 

CG: Yes, most definitely. Parents should be able to receive a rebate for having a nanny, the same as for any other child care. It's ridiculous that it's not classified as a legitimate, approved form of child care! Particularly with nannies that have made it their career and it's not just pocket money or a holiday job. It's pretty disrespectful to nannies as well as being annoying for parents.

C4K: What would your ideal job be or what would you ideally like to be doing in five years time? 

CG: I like to still be in childcare. I guess in 5 years' time, I'll probably have my own kids so it would be good if I could work in a childcare facility where I can spend time with my own child too. 

C4K: Do you hope to have your own kids and how do you think you'll manage working in child care and looking after your own children? 

CG: Yes, I definitely want kids one day. Hopefully I'll be able to spend the first few years with my child and then go back to work, ideally in a child care facility as mentioned in the previous question. 

C4K: What are the best and worst bits about being a nanny?! 

CG: Best parts: when the child says your name for the first time, or if they're older, when they tell you they love you.
Worst parts: tantrums!!

C4K: You can fly on the trapeze, but can you juggle?

CG: Nope!! I've tried and I just can't do it! We had to do a juggling act before a trapeze show and it was so horrible, I kept dropping all the balls. Very embarrassing! I can juggle kids though!®
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