Choose the care that's best for your family, create your Vacancy Alert, and we'll do the rest...

Finding high quality child care, when and where you need it, is no walk in the park.

Vacancies can be scarce, waitlists are long and keeping track of which services you have contacted, and when, requires supreme organisational skills.

Child Care Vacancy Alert offers parents and carers a simple solution to searching for child care.

Simply register your requirements, set your Vacancy Alert level then sit back and watch the magic happen.


I had to go back to work unexpectedly so I signed up for the pro service. I got my report within a few hours and was surprised at how quickly I was able to get my child care sorted out. I’ve recommended this to my Mother’s Group to try.
Couldn't believe that a free service would work but signed up anyway. Within an hour or so I got a call from a service inviting me in with the days I wanted.
I heard that finding child care was going to be difficult. I registered for the Vacancy Alert service so I could be notified of available spots in my area. I got regular text alerts of spots available and now have James at a local centre close to home.