pay increasePay Increase for QLD Child Care Workers
Wages Update

Child care workers earning the minimum wage in Queensland recently received a pay increase of $16.20 per week after a decision by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC).

The QIRC ordered a flat rate increase of $16.20 in the state's minimum wage and all award rates and an increase in allowances of 2.5 per cent.

The increase takes Queensland's minimum wage up to $568.20 per week.

Queensland unions cautiously welcomed the increase but warned that those relying on the minimum wage continued to lag behind workers with bargained wage outcomes.

Queensland Council of Unions General Secretary Ron Monaghan said minimum wage workers were predominantly females in casual employment working for small businesses in non-unionised workplaces.

"State breakdowns are extremely difficult to determine but we estimate there are around 1.3 million such workers throughout Australia in industries such as child care, hospitality and cleaning.

These workers have no capacity to bargain for their wages and conditions and are therefore relying on minimum wage increases.

Even though we welcome the Commission's decision to award an increase consistent with CPI, we would have liked to see a bigger increase to ensure these vulnerable workers are not left behind the eight-ball," said Mr Monaghan.

Mr Monaghan said the pay increase was also a reflection of improving economic conditions in the Australia.

"Business sentiment has improved, the country's economy is back into positive growth and job figures are stable – and our lowest paid and most vulnerable workers deserve to share in this positivity," he said.

For information on the minimum wage in Australia's other states and territories refer to the table below:

Federal $544 per week
ACT/NSW $568 per week
NT $544 per week
Qld $568 per week
SA $547 per week
Tas $546 per week
Vic $544 per week
WA $557 per week

The Federal Minimum Wage
Remember the Federal Minimum Wage is reviewed every year. As you can see in the table above it is currently $14.31 per hour or $543.78 per week.

This wage rate is the minimum wage for an adult permanent worker employed by a company. (Note that minimum wages for workers in some States are different.)

Casual workers should receive a loading on top of the permanent hourly rate of between 15 per cent and 25 per cent.

Wages for Junior workers (people under 21), apprentices and trainees are usually less than the adult rate.

The wage rate that applies to you might be different to the Federal Minimum Wage. Wage rates for different industries, occupations, employers and job types are set out in awards and agreements.

To find out the wage rate you should be paid you can call your union or for free advice phone the Union Helpline on 1300 4 UNION.®
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