Child Care Industry News September 29, 2015 -®
Child Care Industry News
September 29, 2015
Welcome this week some tips on easing stress levels around transitioning children to 'big' school and learn about the new integrity rules to prevent child swapping in FDC.
Easing the transition to school
Research from Harvard
As we approach the end of the year most early childhood services start focusing more on helping the oldest children in the service prepare for the transition to big school.

These preparations may include conversations with parents on whether the child is ready for school, a more deliberate focus on structured literacy and numeracy activities and helping children practice independence including being responsible for their own lunch boxes and belongings.

According to the Harvard Family Research Project, the transition to school should be viewed as a rite of passage in the lives of children and their families.
Early childhood professionals
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Kid swapping in FDC
October 12 deadline
New measures aimed at ending the practice of child swapping in family day care are set to take effect on 12 October 2015.

Child swapping is when an educator (or their partner) receives child care payments for a session of family day care provided to their child on the same day that they are providing a family day care service to other children.

The former Minister for Social Services, Scott Morrison, announced the changes and said half of all family day care services in Australia are at high-risk of non-compliance on this issue.

"Taking account of consultations with the family day care sector, government members and Senator Nick Xenophon, this new measure will prevent child swapping in the future and strengthen the government's capacity to take compliance action against unscrupulous family day care services to ensure the sector operates as originally intended," said Minister Morrison.

There are specified circumstances where child swapping occurs for legitimate reasons these include when:
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