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Child Care Industry News
October 20, 2015
Welcome, this week a host of good reasons why you should include more music in your early childhood program and some fantastic Halloween craft ideas.
Music today for a better tomorrow
Benefits of teaching children through music

By Galina Zenin, Music & Early Childhood Consultant

According to research, provided by BeyondBlue, "…Three million Australians are living with anxiety or depression and one in four young Australians have a mental health condition".(Beyondblue: The National Depression Initiative).

The first five years of a child's life are the most crucial, so how can we promote and teach children about health and wellbeing, help them to be positive, happy and find their purpose in this world of rapid change? How should we teach children today, so they are better prepared for tomorrow?

I caught a train in the city and was on my way home after another interstate trip. I felt excited and couldn't wait to see my children and my family. Since I was a little girl, I loved trains and remember the time when I was traveling from Moscow overnight to see my grandma. It was the best.
Early childhood professionals
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Halloween craft ideas
Halloween is fast becoming a tradition in Australia with increasing numbers of families decorating their homes and dressing up for an evening of trick or treating. These simple craft ideas will help you get in to the Halloween spirit with a host of spooky activities which will have the walls of your service looking like a den for witches and wizards in no time.

Masking tape mummy - These super cutie mummies are easy to do and look fantastic. The kids will enjoy adding their own personal touches.

Sand paper pumpkin - Sand paper creates an unusual and interesting sensory material for this activity.

Pumpkin stencils - Although pumpkins aren't in season in Australia in October, pumpkins definitely mean Halloween and this simple stencil project replaces the need for real pumpkins.

Collage ghosties - Use any leftover craft supplies to create these friendly little fellows.

Collage monsters - Another activity which offers plenty of scope for using up any craft supplies you have on hand.

Handprint bats - Using the hand outline as the basis of the bat for this project means each little bat is unique.

Easy paper bats - Another collage based activity, this one uses bats as the inspiration.

Potato print ghost garlands - Use potatoes to create simple stamps which can be cut up and strung together to create garlands.

Puffy paint ghosts - This super messy and super fun activity uses shaving foam and glue to great effect.

Counting FrankensteinsCounting Frankensteins - Use cut up kitchen towel rolls as the basis for this Frankenstein counting activity.

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