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Child Care Industry News
November 17, 2015
Welcome, this week we ask you should early childhood settings have a role in preventing obesity in small children and some new research on the best apps for preschoolers.
Obesity in early childhood:
who is responsible?
In response to growing concerns about childhood obesity in the UK, Public Health England has created a new role to drive the charge for improving the health of preschool children.

The new Child Obesity Programme Manager for the Early Years will be responsible for 'giving every child the best start in life and to increase the number of primary school children who are at a 'healthy weight'.

Health psychologist Anna Lucas has been hired into the new position and her role will be to work closely with early years settings, schools, primary care and health professionals to support measures that help families bring up their children with a 'healthy weight'. This includes dietary information and advice on exercise and physical activity guidelines.
Early childhood professionals
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Apps of benefit to preschoolers but need to be chosen wisely
A study examining the use of apps and tablets among preschoolers has found that while they can foster play and creativity parents and carers should be selective about the apps they make available to children.

The research, which included a survey of more than 2000 parents and carers, was conducted by the universities of Sheffield and Edinburgh, CBeebies, children's media industry partners Dubit and Foundling Bird and Monteney Primary School, Sheffield.

Principal investigator Professor Jackie Marsh, of the University of Sheffield's School of Education, said that while the use of apps and tablets by preschoolers can be very productive and foster a wide range of play and creativity, they need to be chosen carefully.
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