Amie Appleby

Child care professionals share a commitment to improving society by creating dynamic and nurturing care environments for Australia's youngest learners.

In this month's Child Care People we speak to Amie Appleby, who works at Little Elves Child Care in Bargo NSW.
Amie Appleby
Little Elves Child Care - Bargo NSW

C4K: What is your name?

AA: My Name is Amie Appleby and I am 18 years old. I work at Little Elves Childcare in Bargo NSW.

C4K: What is your professional background and career experience?

AA: In high school I did work experience in both a child care centre and a primary school. For years 11 and 12 as an elective I chose to study exploring early childhood. My exam results were 98 out of 100.

C4K: What attracted you to a career in child care?

AA: After my work experience in child care it was always an interest, the marks in my HSC gave me the encouragement to pursue my career.

C4K: What does a ‘normal' day look like for you?

AA: A colleague and I open the centre. We set up the play areas and complete checklists to ensure the centre grounds are safe. Then the children begin to arrive and I spend time greeting parents, interacting with children. I then follow the daily routine, assisting with planned experiences and meal times. I complete some general cleaning duties and do what I can to ensure the children have the best day possible.

C4K: What are some of the advantages of working in the child care sector?

AA: Working as a team with both my colleagues and the parents. Meeting the children then watching them grow, learn and achieve. Gaining knowledge from my colleagues and having the opportunity to further my studies, I am currently completing my Certificate III.

C4K: What are some of the biggest challenges facing the child care sector?

AA: The Government's new ratios and the necessity to increase fees to accommodate these changes.

C4K: How has your place of work changed to deal with these challenges?

AA: As we are licensed for children aged 2-6 years it will only affect us when the 1:5 ratio comes in for 2-3 year olds. Then our centre will have to employ more staff.

C4K: How does the industry need to change to adapt to these challenges?

AA: There should be more assistance for the child care industry to support centres in adapting to these challenges and changes.

C4K: What advice would you offer someone thinking about a career or looking for a promotion in child care?

AA: It's fun, rewarding and enjoyable. The appreciation of the children and parents makes the job even more fulfilling. It is very rewarding to be able to watch and be part of the children's growing and developing into individuals.

Some days are stressful but some days aren't. The impact we have on the children's lives will be with them forever.

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