Tiffany Wylde

Child care professionals share a commitment to improving society by creating dynamic and nurturing care environments for Australia's youngest learners.

In this month's Child Care People we speak to Tiffany Wylde, who at 21 was recognised as the Educational Experience Rising Star at last year's Child Care Awards.
Tiffany Wylde
Centre Manager at Stratton Out of School Care Service in Stratton WA

This month we are proud to profile Tiffany Wylde, who at 21 was recognised as the Educational Experience Rising Star at last year's Child Care Awards.

Tiffany is currently managing Stratton Out of School Care Services in Western Australia.

Tiffany heads a team 14 people and rather than seeing her age as a barrier to her career in child care, she sees it as an advantage as it enables her to connect with and understand the primary school aged children she cares for.

C4K: What is your professional background and career experience?

TW: I have my Certificate IV Educational Assistant (Special Needs) and I'm currently completing my Diploma in Children's Services (OSHC). I have been working in OSHC for five years.

C4K: What attracted you to a career in child care?

TW: My love for children and wanting to help them make the most of themselves.

C4K: What does a ‘normal" day look like for you?

TW: I am up at 6:00 to start work at 6:30. I prepare breakfast for the children before taking them to school at 8:30, then am back to the office where I update enrolments, enter attendances, plan the program, do the staff roster, etc.

In the afternoon at 2:00, I set up the hall for the children then collect them from school at 2:55 after preparing afternoon tea. Then the afternoon session starts with afternoon tea, individual games and group games ending at 6:00 when I go home and get ready to start all over again.

C4K: What are some of the advantages of working in the child care sector?

TW: Knowing I will have positively influenced the children's lives by the time they are ready to leave my care.

Being the person they come to with problems and questions when they don't want to ask mum or dad.

Knowing that every session will be different and not knowing what the day will bring.

C4K: What are some of the biggest challenges facing the child care sector?

TW: The lack of respect and appreciation from others in related industries such as teachers.

C4K: How has your place of work changed to deal with these challenges?

TW: We as staff have respect for ourselves, the job and the children in our care. We place value on the children's learning and growth and have confidence in our abilities as carers.

C4K: How does the industry need to change to adapt to these challenges?

TW: A greater value needs to be placed on our role as carers of the middle childhood developmental stage. This is a vital stage in preparing kids in middle childhood (ages five-12) for what is to come in life and to help them become respectable people within our larger community. We are NOT just babysitters!!

C4K: What advice would you offer someone thinking about a career or looking for a promotion in child care?

TW: Make sure you really want to work in child care, not for the money, but for the experience. It is not just a job - you can't help but encompass the lives of the children into your own life. Child care is not about making money - it is about helping young children reach their full potential, to strive for their goals and to never give up.

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