Victoria Park Montessori Academy - Zetland

Level 5 East Village, 2 Defries Avenue, Victoria Park - Zetland NSW 2017

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Our daughter who is nearly 10 months old has been attending this centre for about a month. We could not be any happier with her transition with many great thanks to her educators and the centre manager. They are very accepting of her home routine and there has been no disruption whatsoever to it as a result of her attendance at VP Montessori. Her educators are very responsive and communicative.
Victoria Park Montessori is a great place for a kid to be in! You may want to check out the photos of the centre - and I can confirm they all valid and correct. My 2 year old son is attending this centre since end of January and I definitely see him picking up new skills. He has very nice relationship with all educators, he settled in pretty fast and overall I am happy that we were accepted by this Montessori Centre! Thanks to all the educators, Harriett and Claudine for hard work!