The Infants Home - Early Childhood Education and Care Centre - Gorton House

17 Henry Street - Ashfield NSW 2131

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For us Infant home is the best
This is our 4th year at The Infants Home Ashfield, a centre that really focuses on the kids in their care. From Teachers who sit on the floor playing dinosaurs with kids, to Room Leaders who check in regularly with parents about the children's developmental, social & emotional well being, the kids really are at the centre of thinking. From the toddler's room, through to the 2-3 year room, and now into the 4-5 year room, we've been pleased in each, and if we ever had had any concerns, they have been addressed with a seriousness that as parents, is always appreciated. We've stayed with the centre despite moving further away from it, as the stability it's provided is invaluable. As parents, it's a great place, and for kids, it's a fun & loving place, with the right balance of routine & play.
We love Gorton house. I have twins currently in Gorton Toddlers following a year in Babies and an older child recently at school having attended all three rooms at Gorton. While the facilities are excellent, the staff are exceptional. Across each of the rooms, the staff are professional, welcoming, and caring and we've been impressed by the cohesiveness of the team in each room. Despite the large number of kids, the atmosphere of the rooms always feels calm and under control. The environment is stimulating, fun and nurturing with a wide range of activities and opportunities over each day. The educators clearly take a genuine interest in the development of the children in their care. They are always happy to chat to us about our boys' days, are quick to inform us of any concerns and are always accommodating and helpful when there are challenges to be worked through. Our kids have always enjoyed day care and speak fondly of their teachers. Thank you Gorton for the wonderful early childhood education you have provided for our boys.
Our older son, Will, who is now four, has been at Gorton House since he turned two and has grown and developed brilliantly under the care of Mel and the Gorton House team. We had him in another day care from 18 months and were completely unsatisfied with how they interacted with him and the children. By contrast, at Gorton House he has been nurtured and developed, with regular communication between us and the educators to take a consistent approach to Will's development. He has really blossomed under their care, and we couldn't be more thankful!
I have a child currently attending Gorton House and this is my second child that has gone through The Infants Home. In total we are in our eighth year of having a child here and we have never had any cause for complaint. The staff have always been nothing but amazing, the facilities are excellent with big indoor and outdoor spaces for the children to play and learn which have just been updated to an incredible space. I highly recommend Gorton House and The Infants Home to any parent looking for a safe and nurturing environment for their child.
My daughter has been attending The Infants Home for over 3 years. The staff and facilities are wonderful. We've always felt included in the ongoing care of the kids and development of the centre. Highly recommended.