Cartwright World of Learning

38 Mawson Drive - Cartwright NSW 2168

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I am a mum with two children at Cartwright world of learning and I am super happy with the wonderful achievements accomplished with them in only a few weeks there. My super fussy and uptight 5year has slowly come out of his shell telling me about new friends, drawing, slime, things all the children make. My 2year old is more social, nosey and physical. A wonderful environment where my toddler can climb on the playground, use curiosity to identify how things work and learn all his new words that I hear regularly. My 2year old can now point to familiar pictures, colours and some items around the house knowing exactly what I'm talking about. Absolutely amazing. Definitely the little things make your heart melt. Before childcare I was concerned with both of their behaviour, fighting, won't eat properly or sit at the table, no routine or lack of. Now though with busy work schedules and peak season for businesses arriving I can drop my children anytime from 7am right in time for breakfast. YES! All meals provided. There's a dent in the shopping bill and of course the childcare only offer healthy choices. My toddler receives all huggies nappies supplied as well so the fees after govt. subsidies balance out. Plus playmates,plus school readiness, plus experience, plus creative learning, plus great support and patience, plus hands on and get involved, really boost the self confidence in these crucial years. My children start yawning and falling asleep around 8pm. No more waking up during the night or tantrums before bed. We've had the best night rest consistently since joining Cartwright World of learning. A settled family every night? That used to be a dream but now its real. I'm so grateful my children are in the best care possible.
My son Bailey has been attending this daycare for years and absolutely loves it. I have noticed the change in him and he has learned so much more from attending. Kathy is so informative and the staff are lovely and always willing to help in any way they can. I feel at ease on the days he is there as I know he is in a trusting environment. I would recommend this daycare to anyone, well done!
I started with a list of 20 day cares for my daughter, narrowed it down to 5 and after visiting all the others, I got the best first impression with Cartwright World of Learning. My first impressions were right as since my daughter has been with the centre, I have never had any issues with the centre. Kathy and staff are always willing to accommodate your requests and genuinely care for the children. I cannot thank them enough for all they do for my daughter :)
After trying nearly every childcare in the area I finally found the right one. It ticked all the boxes. The staff are professional and very friendly, they organise great activities for the kids and the centre is always kept immaculate which is important to me. Keep up the great work guys.
Best childcare ever, Would not take my kids anywhere else and I highly recommend it to all parents out there. Friendly staff and a beautiful environment.
After some sending my two boys to 3 different childcare providers I finally found one that was just like home for them. I now pick them up and they don't want to leave! The staff are fantastic, they treat them like their own children and my children have learnt so much. I recommend to all.