Alice Street Child Care Centre

60 Alice Street - Wiley Park NSW 2195


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All 3 children of mine have attended Alice Street child care centre. I stayed months looking for the perfect centre but never felt comfortable until I came here. I felt that comfort and that family vibe and professionalism. The most important thing to me is OHS and I feel this is the best centre for Health and Hygiene. Their educational program is also the best! My kids learnt so much from their before heading to private school. Fida and Mariam are just wonderful and always make sure they have the best most caring and educated staff to look after the children. Thank you SO much and I will be sending my next baby there next year when she's a little older. Keep up the great work!
I would just want mention that they are awesome in every way.. from caring about kids to attending parents..
Great centre. The teachers are so good with my son and very friendly environment. He has learnt so much and used to have a speech delay, but now he has improved so much. Thanks heaps Alice street
Alice Street Child Care Centre is honestly the best centre around. I have changed child care centres for my children several times, and this centre is by far the best! The staff are incredible! They are so nice, friendly and caring towards my children and I. They are always smiling and treating the children like their very own. I feel so comfortable sending my children there as im a very fussy and over protective parent. I leave my children there trusting them as if i left them at my mums!
One of the best centres around, highly recommended. Friendly staff with a great environment for the children. Would not hesitate to recommend this centre to any parent.