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41 Viviani Crescent, Heathmont East, VIC, 3135
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Heathmont Bilingual Montessori Early Learning Centre overview

Welcome to Heathmont Bilingual Montessori Early Learning

Heathmont Kindergarten was established in 1952 with long standing history within the community. A 65 place kindergarten, we have 2 beautiful rooms, offering both sessional maintream kindergarten and Montessori long day program ( CCS eligible ).

Kindergarten Philosophy

Kindergarten is the gentle beginning of the child’s life outside the family. It is a fundamental part of your child’s education. We pride ourselves on providing innovative and inspiring programs for the children.

We run a dedicated Bilingual Montessori program five days per week, separately to our MIKA enrolled sessional kinder program. 

We provide open ended, child led, play based programs that harness your child’s interests and ideas, and build on them to develop their creativity, social skills, emotional wellbeing , critical thinking skills and a sense of belonging.

We respect the rights, interests, and developmental level for each child.

We ensure each child feels nurtured, safe, and supported so they have the confidence to thrive.

We enjoy providing a beautiful, engaging indoor and outdoor environments with inviting natural play spaces that provide opportunities for the development of curious, confident, and competent learners. Where children can collaborate with their peers or engage in independent inquiry.

We are here to support you and your family. To provide a positive, warm and fun experience that creates positive links between your family and your community.

Montessori Stream

The Montessori method is a child-centered educational approach, established by Maria Montessori, which is rooted in scientific observation of children from birth to adulthood. The focus is on the learning development of children. This method encourages children towards independence, order, and a freedom to explore, but within boundaries. In a cycle 1 classroom (3 - 6 years), Montessori children learn through sensory-motor activities that develop cognitive behaviours through hands-on experience.

The Montessori Curriculum extends children's education in 5 focus areas and they are:

  • Practical Life activities
  • Sensorial Education
  • Mathematics
  • Language
  • Culture & Cosmic education

The Montessori education continues at Mitcham primary school for subsequent cycles.

Bilingual teaching

We employ bilingual educators within out centre and encourage the children to learn languages through both formal and informal teaching throughout their day.

The language itself is not as important as the neural pathways that a second language creates in a young brain, and any secondary language has a positive benefit.

Fees & Vacancies

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41 Viviani Crescent
Heathmont East, VIC, 3135
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