McKellar Cottage

14 Bennetts Close - Mckellar ACT 2617

(02) 6162 2840

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My son is 3 and has been attending the service for a year now. It is great to see him excited to go to school and learn each week. The educators are caring and welcoming to the families and we have had a wonderful experience at McKellar Cottage. My son has learnt so much and really enjoys the extra curricular activities provided such as art, yoga, Spanish lessons, excursions and incursions. One of the best things about McKellar is the level of family involvement, there is a real sense of community and we enjoy being able to be involved in our child's learning experiences. I really believe you would struggle to find a better centre in Canberra!
We recently moved interstate and McKellar Cottage was definitely top of the list of things we were going to miss. Our son absolutely thrived at McKellar Cottage - the staff are passionate and very engaging with the parents, and the environment couldn't be more nurturing. He learned so much in the two years he was there and any other centre is going to struggle to live up to the high standard they set. A big thank you to everyone at McKellar Cottage!
I was very hesitant about daycare before getting a spot at McKellar Cottages for my son then 11 months. Since he has been there i have never had a day where I have felt uncomfortable or worried about leaving him. The staff are amazing who remember my whole family if others pick him up. They TAKE THE TIME to tell me what he gets up to each and every day and always remember the fine detail. The whole centre is small, so it's a very personal approach. I could not recommend McKellar Cottages higher! My son is about to go from the babies room to toddler room and I have 100% faith in the staff that he's ready and I know they will look after him if he ever has a hard day!
My child has been attending since the childcare centre opened and everyday is wonderful. The Centre is small so the child get to know each other well. There is a great learning program and my daugther is more than ready for school next year. Very impressed all round and the excursions that the Centre offers are very enjoyable. Awesome place to place your child and not feel guilty.
my daughter has attended this service for 6 months and i couldnt be happier. the programs they offer are educational the carers are exceptional at what they do. our daughters transition into childcare was enjoyable and made easy by a great team. would highly recommend this centre.
This is the most wonderful centre in the ACT, the staff are so friendly, my son Jeremy has been attending for 6 months and has shown great learning skills. Five stars from me!