Kidz Family Day Care

Scheme: South West Family Day Care Centre - NSW

Registered with South West Family Day Care Centre - NSW - Airds NSW 2560

0481 020 207

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Maryam has been very helpful and caring since the first day I met her. Her home has been set to give the children space and comfort to play and learn. I highly recommend Maryam to any parents who needs a secure, safe and friendly family day care.
Maryam is a lovely lady, who has welcomed my children in her care with open arms. Very communicative who cares deeply for the children she cares for. Her establishment is clean, super friendly and well maintained and is perfect for children. My children often say how much fun they have with Maryam and tell me of all the fun things they have done during the day. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking at putting their children in day care in the area.
I would high recommend Maryam. Her family day care is fantastic place.
Since finding Maryam everything has been so much better. My daughter adores her and never wants to leave. Maryam has a good understanding of my daughter’s needs and is willing to go the extra mile to support her where necessary. Definitely found gold here