SDN Lois Barker, Waterloo Children’s Education and Care Centre

104 Wellington Street - Waterloo NSW 2017

1300 831 445

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My son has been attending the centre since he was 5 months old, he is now 3. Not only are the staff nurturing, flexible, loving, well educated and lots of fun they also make the centre inviting for parents to ask questions and feel comfortable all the time. I moved 45 minutes away from the centre a year ago and I didn't even question moving my son. Yes we drive 45mins there and back everyday because I know there is nothing better out there!
I can't rate the centre highly enough. The staff turnover is very low which speaks volumes of the quality of a centre. Happy staff is important. It is also wonderful to have such capable experienced caring people always there for my daughter. They have cuddled her as a baby and watched her grow up into a preschooler so the bond is strong. If these lucky people get to spend time with my daughter when I'm at work I want it to be the best care. I have learned lots about parenting through the compassion and care shown to me too - not just the child. SDN is a jewel. We live in a unit in an urban area with no garden. My daughter can play, explore and grow in a safe beautiful environment. The garden and yard are magic and I often joke to the girls that I'd love to spend the day there. SDN Waterloo is a kind place. My daughter is very happy. Thank you!
My daughter has attended this centre for 3 years and is in the pre school room. I have been offered jobs interstate but chose not to move because it was impossible to find a centre that matched the quality. There are only about 45 children and my daughter has made extremely close bonds with her friends and staff. The food is fantastic and the children are provided with the correct amount of nutrients so that means if you've had a busy day at work and can only manage to russle up some cheese toast in the evening you still know they've had a great day eating. I can't say enough about the staff. The director is really going places (all the staff are). They are highly motivated and professional and are the best in the business. There literally is the most minimum amount of staff turn over and every one of my daughters primary educators over the years is still there! The pre school program is fantastic and my daughter is able to relay many concepts at home. She's even showing a readiness to begin to read. Her educator has mentioned that she can provide some homework and activities to prepare for school as well. The outdoor space is fantastic and the children have outdoor option in all weather thanks to a large covered terrace. Children do sport and yoga and learn a lot about health (so it's easier to promote good choices at home). Progress meetings are very positive and my daughters pre school educator provides the most fantastic quarterly written appraisals that give me insights that I may have not even picked up on and are a pleasure and delight to read. The manners and temperament of the children who attend are a testiment to the amount of effort each staff member puts into the children. They are courteous and kind to each other. If you can get over the fact that this centre is located in an edgier part of sydney, you'll find yourself a little day care gem.