Unicare Early Childhood Education

24 Parkway - Nedlands WA 6009

(08) 9389 8111

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Unicare is an absolutely amazing centre. I am so glad I found a place here for my baby girl. She has been here since 4 months old. The carers are loving and kind. There are lots of carers for the number of children. They are baby wisperers who get my girl to sleep better and to eat better than she does at home. The meals that are provided are nourishing and delicious. The kids are taken outside a lot, and also on tours around the suburbs and campus. I love their philosophy that there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. They have an active nature education program and many activities. The centre has a pig (Macca), ducks, chooks, rabbit and a veggie garden. No wonder the waiting list is over 8 months....