Glenvale World of Learning

615 Greenwattle Street - Glenvale QLD 4350

1800 413 995

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I have had children attending this centre for 2 years now and through out the entire time it has been a pleasure dealing with the staff that provide a warm nurturing environment and promote all types of learning styles. The centre is very flexible and helpful in the times when you require a change of date at the last minute. I highly recommend this centre to anyone who wants to offer their children the best start to their learning lives.
I am very happy with the care and service supplied by this centre. My child is happy to attend 'school' and is constantly surprising me with new things he has learnt. The director and staff are all welcoming and very approachable. The centre provides everything from nappies to sheets to great home cooked style meals. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to others.