North Gateway World of Learning

2 Northgateway - Langwarrin VIC 3910


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Our 2 year old daughter has been at Northgateway World of Learning since she was ten months old. From the first time we visited, the small but well equipped centre provided a warm and welcoming environment, made even better by a group of talented, caring educators. Meeting these amazing women and chatting to them about anything and everything has grown my confidence in child care - these women are amazing people - and ultimately it's their personalities that make the care and learning experiences they provide the children as good as it is. We recommend the centre to everyone living in the area and are a proud World of Learning family.
Coming from a diverse family North Gateway World of Learning has embraced Kenzie's family and encouraged her to be an individual. They teach the children how to excel at what they are good at whilst teaching them to learn and grow and expand their horrizons. I never hesitate when communicating to the educators and Management as they help and implement anything to make our lives easier. The facility is always clean and looks so inviting to Kenzie. Kenzie always loves going to Child Care especially to see her favourite educators.