NurtureOne George Street Childrens Centre

75-77 George Street - Inverell NSW 2360

1800 517 027

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Thank you George St - I have 3 children attending 2 days per week and they love it can't wait to get there, meals are great. Its great not having to pack food or nappies each time they go. The centre manager and all the staff treat your children like they are hers. She loves them all.
My daughter attends George Street 3 days a week and she just loves it. The staff are very friendly and approachable and are always there if I need them. I would highly recommend George street to anyone.
My 2 children attend George Street full time and have done since 4 and 5 months old. The activities the educators plan for the children and the excurisons they go on are amazing and teach the children so much in life. Being a full-time working mum it saddens me that I dont get to do those things with my kids but I have every faith they are learning the life skills needed and getting the special care they deserve at George Street. The educators practically become part of your childs family and I highly recommend them.
My daughter has been going to George Street Children's Centre since she was in the baby room. They made it so easy for a new mum and filled me with great confidence. My daughter comes home talking about her teachers like they are part of the family, her transition to the next room was done with no problems they made moving fun for her. I have recommended George St to friends who have also sent there kids here.
My son goes to George St twice a week and absolutely LOVES it!! The staff are wonderful and caring, the information you receive about your child's day is updated everyday which is great to see, and I know that if I every do have a issue, the staff are very approachable and understanding so I know that something will be done about it. A great place to send your child too knowing they will be well taken care of.