Feathers and Pebbles Family Day Care

Scheme: Wynnum Family Day Care Education Service - Servicing all the South East Suburbs

Registered with Wynnum FDC Education Service - Carindale QLD 4152

0409 471 671

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My son (22mths) and daughter (3) have been with ‘teen for over a year. We have nothing but praise for the kind and gentle way she guides and cares for them. They have really grown in their time with her, in confidence and social skills, and love going there every day. Teen really goes out of her way to create wonderful experiences for them, from outings and birthday parties and also including them in and teaching them daily activities like feeding the chickens or baking. I knew we had something special when the only guest request for my daughters 3rd birthday party was teen!
Christine looked after my son Henry from 9 months until just recently at 3.5yrs. She has been a huge part of his life and it was difficult to say goodbye due to personal circumstances. He has grown and learnt so much in her care, and was always stimulated. Not once did he not want to go, everyday asking if we were going to see 'Tine'. Heaps of outdoor play, activities and lots of love. We will be staying in touch for many years to come as Christine is now part of the family.
My 3 1/2 year old son Leo and my 1 year old daughter Issy were with Christine for a short amount of time with a big impact. My son loved the outdoor play and the physical stimulation. Christine takes her job seriously and always strives to teach him. My daughter really came out of her shell and under Christine's gentle guidance, really blossomed with regards to her social skills and empathy. As a parent, Christine was exceptional with her communication with us, and I found her to be both friendly and professional. It was very difficult to stop sending the children to her care, but hopefully if baby 3 comes around, we will become a part of Christine's family again. She is such a beautiful person. I feel very lucky to have been with her and to have my children with her.
My daughter Billie was in Christine's care for over a year. I love the way she lets kids be kids, lots of outdoor play and she is very warm and caring. She makes an effort to mix things up for the kids by taking them to various activities and using a lot of different resources. Would recommend feathers and pebbles!
My Son Cameron has had a great year at Pebbles and Feathers. Christine has been flexible and welcoming always looking for ways to stimulate his learning and interests. A great outdoor space to explore and play.