Great Beginnings Oran Park

1 Laura Street - Oran Park NSW 2570

1800 517 086

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Selecting the right child care centre is a difficult decision to make, especially for a first time parent. GB Oran Park was definitely the best decision I made for me and my son. The staff are extremely warm, friendly and nurturing and I can go to work knowing that my son is being well looked after, both physically and emotionally. He is happy to be dropped off in the morning and is often having too much fun to want to come home! He also talks fondly of his teachers and friends and has fostered wonderful relationships with them, as have I! The centre is very modern and clean and well equipped for a variety of indoor and outdoor, educational and fun activities. My son is constantly learning new things and his individual interests are acknowledged and encouraged. Parental input is also taken into consideration and implemented into individual programs. There is also a fantastic variety of freshly prepared food. As a working parent, being able to log into the app and see photos of my son during the day is wonderful! I also love receiving the daily update emails and having the flexibility to book additional days or notify the centre of absences at any time with one click in the app.
As a first time parent and needing a day care service for my son since the age of 6 months, it was essential that I found a place that was professional, welcoming, safe and a place where my son would develop and most importantly a place where he was happy. Great Beginnings Oran Park is all of the above and more. I am constantly amazed at all the new things he is learning. The educators are very engaged and committed to each and every child in their care and have always make a priority of helping my son reach milestones, big or small! I would highly recommend Great Beginnings Oran Park to anyone looking for a early education service.