Happyland Kids Child Care Centre

184 Napper Road - Arundel QLD 4214

(07) 5594 0066

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At the beginning of this year we changed from another centre in Arundel and I am so glad we made the move. My 18mth old daughter is thriving at Happyland and I am thrilled with the outstanding level of care that she receives. Karen and her entire team of Educators are fantastic. Every morning when I drop off my daughter we are greeted by caring staff who are happy to be at work in a supportive centre with a community feel - this is just one of the main factors I was after - happy staff equals happy children! Within the short few months we have been there the staff have taken a great interest in my daughter and have gotten to know her so well. We are totally on the same page with every aspect of her care and I walk out of the centre knowing that she'll have all of her needs taken care of throughout her fun & interesting day. This year we have seen the addition of Native Bees (with no stingers) & Guinea Pigs to the centre. The kids are delighted with these pets & my daughter often says bees & guinea pigs in her own way when on the way to Kindy in the mornings :-) Another aspect of the centre that I'm impressed by is their feedback process. Every day I am provided with a variety of photos and extensive written feedback about exactly what has happened throughout the day. I am also able to have this feedback emailed directly to my family interstate with keeps the grandparents super happy too! :-) Nappy changes, bottle quantities & times, sleep times & duration & meals are also clearly documented for me to see every day which is so helpful. I can not recommend this centre enough for your child. It is exactly what a childcare centre should be - family focused! :-) I have no hesitation at all in recommending this centre to other families :-)