Artarmon Family Day Care

Suite 103, Lawson House, 10-12 Clarke Street - Crows Nest NSW 2065

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A very come and friendly day care. All the kids like to return and visit this place even after they finish. Asghar (the teacher) is very helpful and friendly. My daughter loved to go there.
My daughter Amaya attended this daycare for more than a year. At the age of 15 months, this was her first day care experience. And she absolutely loved it!! It has been more than a year that she left Artarmon family daycare but she still remembers the kids and 'Asghar' with lot of fondness. Whenever we pass through the area, she always asks 'can we go to Asghar please?' This is still one of her fondest place and sometimes we do take her to Asghar's place. And when we are there, she just jumps out of car and runs toward the daycare in excitement. We are really thankful and appreciative of the family which provided such wonderful care to our daughter. The centre is well equipped and clean. The carers are loving and responsible. Definitely recommended.
My daughter has attended the Artarmon Family Day Care over the past few months. She adjusted quickly as the environment is really friendly and homely. AFDC centre has all facilities and equipments required for kids to keep them entertained and busy. My daughter always looked forward to going there and made some amazing friends from the centre. Asghar and Maria are both very friendly, caring and always on their toes attending to needs of the kids and is based daily feedback given by my daughter.
Our daughter has been at Artarmon Family Day Care since she was 13 months. I remember how hard it was to even think about leaving her anywhere but at home with us. Asghar and Maria were so patient and understanding from our very first visit. They did everything they could to reassure us and helped us slowly transition our daughter into daycare. And it worked a treat, as she really loves going every day and has a lovely relationship with her carers and the other children. Asghar and Maria have created a great environment for little ones to learn, making the most of a family setting with indoor and outdoor areas for play. I'd highly recommend Artarmon Family Day Care as a trusted, caring and welcoming daycare facility - especially for those who prefer a personal touch service.
My son Miles has been attending Artarmon Family Day Care since he was 13 months. A friend from my mothers group recommended the centre after she heard Miles was struggling to settle into a large centre. The large centre said Miles had anxiety issues and were unable to settle him (after 3 months). He refused to eat, sleep or social with the other children and we later realised it was because the centre wanted him to fit into their time schedules and routine with minimal flexibility to accommodate his needs (I.e extra cuddles or one on one time) due to policies and procedures. And my GP told me my little man was traumatised from the experience:( I was hesitant placing Miles into a family day care environment thinking he would not learn and develop as he would in a more structured environment such as a large centre. Plus how was I to know he was safe and professionally cared for. The experience Artarmon Family Day Care has been the complete opposite. They truly are like a 2nd family to Miles and on pick up he never wants to leave because he is having so much fun and getting so much individualised attention. He has developed far above my expectations and settled within a week!! Now at 22 months he is a resilient, confident, chatty, social little man. He eats, sleeps and behaves better for Asghar and Maria then he does for my husband and me. And he loves their 4 children who treat him as a little brother/ cousin. We get regular picture text updates of what he is doing throughout the day/week and a full debrief on his day on pick up. I don't have to 'nag' my husband for a report on when Miles has slept or what he has eaten (as my husband does pick ups) because Asghar and Maria always provide the updates. It is with great sadness that we are moving interstate for 12 months purely because he/we will miss care so very much. We have another baby on the way and on our return plan to enrol both out boys! I am so grateful that I found Artarmon Family Day Care and highly recommend the centre- particular for those little people that need a little more TLC and freedom to be the best they can be!!!
We are so pleased to have found such a caring environment for our 18-month old son to be looked after. Asghar and Maria do a wonderful job and our son absolutely loves going to family daycare. We always feel welcome — like part of the family; and Asghar and Maria have been extremely accommodating to our needs and requirements. They take the time to understand the individual needs of our son, and that is important to us. Leo genuinely enjoys the time he spends there and I can see happiness on his face when I drop him off an pick him up. We are very happy with everything at Artarmon Family Daycare and would definitely recommend this service to those looking for a caring and welcoming environment for their children.