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I have 2 kids that recently attended YMCA Picton over the school holidays and after school care. I found this service very helpful formy situation. The staff were amazing, friendly, accomodating and very welcoming to my kids, they made me feel like i was leaving my kids with family, and at the same time showed a very professional manner. I couldn’t have wishedforbetter carersfor my children at the time i needed most. Their centre was full of options and activities for children to be involved in. I would highly recommend this centre for anyone i know seeking quality care for their children
Picton YMCA OSHC has been absolutely amazing for my children. The ladies there are welcoming, inclusive, bubbly and nurturing. They cater for all children's needs and have a great children's choice program. I don't need the care, but I send my children there because they love it and they enjoy socialising with their friends. It is never easy to find someone so trustworthy to look after your children and the ladies are awesome. I would recommend this service to any family who attended Picton Public School.