Angel's Paradise Long Day Care Centre

15 Whitford Road - Hinchinbrook NSW 2168

(02) 9608 5200

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I love this centre! The staff, the food, the way they teach them and prepare them for school! My son knew the continents when he was just a little over 2 years old! I highly recommend this centre to everyone
I love how the childcare teachers love my daughter and the other children like they are their own. It makes me so much more comfortable. I feel confident that the childcare teachers are teaching my child the right way and treating her well by the way that she loves going there everyday and happily chats about her day on the way home. Being at childcare from 6mths has molded my daughter into a smart, confident and sociable young lady. I visited over 20 different childcares before I enrolled her at this childcare centre. Angels Paradise, by far, stood out the most. It proves to be the best everyday. I recommend everyone to bring their children there. You will not find a better childcare centre.