Shirley's Family Day Care

Scheme: Wesley Mission Queensland Family Day Care & In Home Care

Registered with Wesley Mission Queensland Family Day Care & In Home Care - Carina QLD 4152

0447 448 412

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Shirley provides an incredible service and goes above and beyond to support the children in her care and their families. My kids love going to Shirley's and always come home full of stories about what they did in the day. Having them with someone experiences and who provides such a welcoming and supportive environment is a blessing.
My 3 year old daughter has been attending Shirley's Family Day Care since she was approx 18 mths old. Shirley is experienced and flexible and provides a wonderful playful, creative, and comfortable environment for our daughter, who absolutely loves going to Shirley's and playing with her friends. We have used Family Day Care for all 3 of our children and thoroughly recommend the small homely environment as a wonderful alternative to larger long day care facilities. We would be lost without this service! Thanks Shirley!
Our son has been attending Hendra Family Day Care for 18 months and we have been delighted with the excellent care Shirley provides. He started at age 2 and settled in quickly to the small family-sized group (very different to his big sister’s experience at a large childcare centre). Shirley provides a wonderful child-friendly environment with lots of interesting craft and physical activities. Our son is always eager to go and enjoys catching up with his family daycare friends. Shirley runs her service very professionally but also shows the warmth and understanding of a fellow parent.
Our son has been in family daycare with Shirley since he was 18 months old (he’s now 3 ½). During this time our son has received lots of stimulation through play-based learning, the opportunity to develop stable and secure relationships with Shirley and the other children in her care (with very few changes in the group), and lots of opportunities for external play and activities such as play-group and library visits. Shirley has provided a warm, loving and child-centred environment, in which our son has thrived. In addition, she has been very flexible and accommodating with changes to our day-care schedule, including after-hours where necessary. We would highly recommend this family day-care service as delivering incredibly high-quality, flexible child care that provides the stability and security little children need.