Barangaroo Montessori Academy

33-49 Sussex Street - Sydney NSW 2000


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Barangaroo Montessori Academy is a welcoming and vibrant community. My son has had the privilege of attending the Academy for over 2 years now and he has grown and developed in so many positive ways. From social interaction, to literacy, numeracy, music, the arts, culture and the environment, Barangaroo Montessori Academy focuses on developing and growing children who are happy, healthy and holistic. I can very much see my son is developing a real love of learning and a respect for himself and others through the teachers and environment at the Academy. I highly recommend the Academy to any parents who are looking for a safe, secure and thriving place for their child.
Our daughter started montessori in January 2017 age 19 months. Prior to enrolling her, we took time to understand the difference between traditional day care vs montessori as there is so much information regarding the pros and cons of montessori. We felt it was most important in our daughters development that she be placed in a facility that supported and challenged her learning style as well provided a loving and nurturing environment as she would have at home. It was immediately obvious when we went on a tour that this was the perfect place for us. We are encouraged by the montessori curriculum and how it has helped to further excel our daughters language and mathematical mindset as well as apply practical learning teaching her about being part of a community. We appreciate the care taken to reinforce the importance of manners and awareness of the people and things around her. With the help of her fantastic teachers she has come so far in all aspects. She loves attending and we are so happy to have been able to put her in a place where she is both challenged and loved. Both teachers and administrators are friendly and helpful, always happy and welcoming which is evidently passed through to children by way of example. We cannot recommend this academy enough. Their values align with ours and those we want to instill in our daughter and therefore could not have asked for a better fit for our family.
Barangaroo Montessori is second to none. The education provided at the academy is outstanding. This is not a childcare centre, it's a school of excellence. Our child is thriving!