Kids Club Northern Beaches Early Childhood Learning Centre

1 Middleton Road - Cromer NSW 2099


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I'm so happy I chose this centre. They are everything I wanted for my son. They are professional, creative, caring and warm all at the same time. I couldn't be happier.
My son has been at this centre for over a year now, and I just can't rave enough about them. The care for my little boy has been exceptional and the facilities are second-to-none. I don't have a worry in the world when I drop him off as I know he is going to have a wonderful day, with beautiful people nurturing him. They know his abilities and skills, his likes and his dislikes. They cater to his interests and they extend him little-by-little in areas that challenge him. They look after the most precious thing in my life with love and care, and no matter what type of day they have had, the staff are always smiling, encouraging and enthusiastic. My son has thrived at Kids Club because of the wonderful ladies who take care of him, and the experiences and resources he is provided with, and I will be eternally grateful to them.
My son started at kids club in March last year and it’s been amazing to watch how much he has grown and learnt with the support of the kind and nurturing staff. The staff are always looking for ways to integrate the children’s interests into the learning program. My son loves going to daycare at kids club and I feel very comfortable leaving him there knowing he is in the caring and capable hands of the staff. The meals provided are fantastic and have meant our son has been exposed to a wide range of delicious and nutritious foods. I would not hesitate to recommend the centre to anyone.