Mumloves Family Day Care

Scheme: Communities@Work Family Day Care and In Home Care Scheme - NSW

Registered with Communities@Work Family Day Care and In Home Care Scheme - NSW - Googong NSW 2620


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Initially we experienced anxiety when we first decided to put our first born into daycare, until we met Garlyn. Garlyn has become an extension of our family especially to our two girls. Drop offs have never been an issue and only experience upset when it’s time to go home. The activities the girls partake in are creative and educational. Garlyn is very patient and nurturing with the children. Garlyn has captured our eldest daughter’s first steps, words and even had a big impact on successful toilet training. Returning to work early and having Garlyn’s family daycare service show compassion, love and support for our girls is the greatest gift they could have received in their first years of life. We are sad to be saying goodbye as our daughter moves into preschool. We wish that Garlyn could forever be their educator and friend. We will forever be grateful for Garlyn and couldn’t recommend her services more.
Garlyn does an amazing job looking after the children, she is very friendly, approachable and welcomes your whole family into her home. Garlyn is passionate about providing the appropriate care and education to your child, my son even picked up some of the Filipino language which he loved and we appreciated as it allows him to be aware of a dialect other than English. Garlyn is very helpful with educating parents on a healthy diet for your children. She provides regular updates of your child's development and ensures the children get a good balance of outdoor play and indoor educational activities! My son regularly asks when he will be seeing Garlyn and her family, we can't thank her enough for the care, love and support she provided to our son and also us as parents. I highly recommend Garlyn's service to anyone looking for a loving home for your children while you are at work.
My son has really enjoyed his time with MumLoves Family Day Care. Garlyn has given wonderful care and attention to my 1 year old. Garlyn kept me updated at his progress at all times and it made my mind at ease knowing that he was well taken care of and cuddles were given when needed. MumLoves Family Day Care premises was always neat and tidy and there was an abundance of educational toys for all the children to play with and also regular outings. I would highly recommend Garlyn as a child care provider to children.
I have complete peace of mind when my boys are with Garlyn. I know they will be active and happy and eat well and sleep well and learn a lot, every day - from numbers and colours and songs to manners and how to share and respect each other. Garlyn regularly posts photos of the children's activities on Kinderloop so we can see what they have been doing and learning. She updates her toys and books to keep the children interested and to match their development as they grow. They also get to go on outdoor excursions, which they love, and Garlyn always has risk management plans in place - the children even have their own high-vis vests! - so the parents can be confident that the children are always safe. Garlyn is very professional, but at the same time, Mumloves Family Daycare is like an extension of home and family for my boys.
I love Mum Loves Family Day Care as I have never have to worry about anything because I know my kids are well looked after. The educator is very professional and kind