The Infants Home Early Childhood Education and Care Centre - Rigby House

17 Henry Street - Ashfield NSW 2131

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We started at Rigby house after the renovations and we are so happy that we moved or son here after being at a different childcare. He is a very securely attached baby and the beautiful, nurturing way that he has been welcomed here makes me less anxious about being at work. Communication is excellent here. Consistent updates via an app and all the educators are happy to chat at drop off and pick up to ensure our son's needs are met everyday he is there. He has quickly formed great relationships at Rigby, is in a responsive and simulating environment AND he is actually happy and sleeping and eating at daycare, which is nothing short of a miracle.
I couldn't be any more happier with the staff and quality of care we receive for my child at Rigby House. I have been impressed with how much they have gone out of their way to accommodate for his interests, to help him feel settled in and to provide stimulating experiences for him. The newly renovated building is beautiful and the staff have made it feel very homely and comfortable. There is plenty of space both indoors and outdoors and I love the way the babies and toddlers often join up for playtime. We receive daily updates and I really love seeing what my little explorer has been up to on the day. All the educators are very caring and friendly. The communication with parents is excellent and the way this daycare is run is exceptional. I would give this place the highest of my recommendations and I feel extremely lucky that my son has such wonderful carers here (they also get a lovely speech therapist drop in fortnightly to help the babies & toddlers with their communication skills!)
My daughter has been enrolled in the newly renovated Rigby House since it’s reopen and in such a short time I am truely blown away with how amazing such a daunting experience of sending your first born to daycare can be. The staff are absolutely amazing! They have really welcomed us into the Infants Home and taken the time to build some beautiful relationships with my daughter. They are attentive to all her needs and have made the transition into daycare quite smooth. I love that I get updates through the day on her activities and that each one shows the learning outcomes of what she does throughout the day as I felt her development was one of the most important things going in. The environmental setting is inviting, and beautifully set out with many things to keep the children occupied with in a learning surrounding, and the educations really tailor each child’s experience to suit the level at which they are at and really work with them so I am very happy to know that my daughter isn’t just baby sat throughout the day but is actively participating in activities to help her develop her existing and new skills.
My daughter has been attending Rigby House since January, when she was five months old. She settled in beautifully, due to the excellent care from the staff there. When we arrive in the mornings and she sees where she is, she has a big smile on her face and she can't wait to get inside and play. All the staff are so attentive and caring and provide excellent information to parents about the progress of the babies.
I can't recommend The Infants Home, Rigby House enough. The love and care my son received was excellent. The carers are qualified and take a genuine interest in the child's welfare and development. I left my son in care with peace of mind that he would be fed, he would sleep peacefully and enjoy many fun activities during the day, as well as cuddles and smiles.
The quality of care provided by the staff at Rigby House is excellent. It is a warm, caring and highly stimulating environment for children. My two daughters have been at Rigby House for the last four months and they love it. They also settled very quickly into eating and sleeping in their new environment. I highly recommend Rigby House.