Kidz Place Early Learning Centre

119 Old Northern Road - Baulkham Hills NSW 2153

(02) 9639 2596

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Warm, loving, caring staff & owner who are genuinely interested in the well-being of the child. The staff are very approachable & communicate well about the child's progress.
I currently have three children at Kidz Place ages 1, 2.5, 4. I have been there when the owner was Directing the centre and now with the new Director Tanya. I am extremely happy with the care provided by all the educators and director! Each child is very happy and are excited to go to kindy each day. It certainly puts my mind at ease knowing they are getting top quality care while i am at work. The backyard is bigger than ours at home and my son certainly raves about the dinosaur garden, animals and sand pit that he doesnt seem to get out of! I love that the educators treat our children as their own and they continually meet with us to let us know each child's progress, understand if their's any changes to their routine or interests at home and we set out our goals with them so we are all on the same page working towards the same outcomes for each child of mine. No expense is spared when it comes to the children whether that be for equipment, craft, toys and the quality of everything. Kidz Place Early Learning Centre really is exactly what they say they are - an extended part of our family. When all my children are off to big school i will be a sobbing mess i'm sure because the support and love wont be there everyday. Thankyou so much to all the educators at Kidz Place ELC.
I love Kidz Place. Two of my children attend the service and hopefully my third and possibly fourth. I recommend this centre to everyone i know. The backyard is to die for (wish i had it at my house) and they have LOADS of extra curricular activities both included in the fees and some not. The quality of care is amazing. The staff and management are so friendly, energetic, caring and the communication is flawless.
After visiting 10 childcare/pre-school centres I made the decision that Kidz Place was the best place to send my son. Initially I was impressed with the general running of the centre, staff qualifications, layout, play areas, cleanliness and happiness of students already in attendance. My three year old son loves going to pre-school twice a week at Kidz Place. I was very surprised at how quickly he settled into his new surroundings. This is mainly due to the care and attention he received from all members of staff. I am happy and satisfied that my son attends a centre in which he feels safe, happy,is socialising and making friends and is learning new skills/activities every day. Thankyou to all members of staff at Kidz Place.
My 3 children have all attended Kidz Place from the age of 1 until they started school.. a period of 8 years so far and still counting. Over that time the wonderful staff there have consistently delivered a very high level of care in a caring, welcoming and calm environment. They work hard to make sure they are up to date with the regularly changing accreditation requirements and latest thinking in childcare philosophy and apply what they learn in a realistic and practical way making things much easier for me and my kids. The staff are mature, experienced and easy to talk to with a turnover rate which is extremely low. The facilities are well organised and equipped and the back garden play area is lovely. The atmosphere they create is warm and friendly which has meant years of stress free drop-offs. I really appreciate all they have done for my family.
My eldest son has been attending Kidz Place since he was 2 and a half and absolutely loves it. He now attends two (2) days a week and cannot wait to attend on those mornings. It is wonderful to walk in to such a warm and friendly environment and know that your child will be well looked after and kept safe. The senior staff provide a stimulating and challenging environment for them to grow and learn, especially in preparing my son for school. They are child care professionals who are always willing to talk to us parents and discuss our children's needs anytime. I am now sending my 2 and half year old daughter and she is very keen to attend. I can highly recommend Kidz Place to anyone!!