Avenues Early Learning Centre - Carina

93 Zahel Street - Carina QLD 4152

(07) 3398 8208

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Our son started as a 5 month old and we watched him flourish with the support of this centre. The care, the trust, the effort, the happiness, the development, the fun, the love and the memories make this place incredible.
My family is so happy with the services provided at Avenues at Carina. My 2 children aged 3.5 and 1.5 years old attend. Vicky Arthur, Director of the Centre is amazing. Rather than sit in her office, she is always there greeting the parents and is often with the kids in the playground or in the room ensuring that all is ok. Her personal level of care and love for those kids at that centre (and she has many to manage) is incredible. She always knows what is going on at all times and there is nothing that is too much. They are very accommodating and the standard of care that they afford to my kids to ensure that they are happy and comfortable is really comforting. Vicki and her team are incredibly welcoming and they above and beyond to ensure that the kids are happy and included in all activities. There are also many opportunities for parents to join in on activities with the kids which is really rewarding particularly as a busy mum. Her and her team of very experienced carers apply a personalised approach to ensuring the care fits for each child. The staff at the centre are involved and very loving towards the children, they really care and nurture the development and tell me about how each of my children are going. I'm actually looking forward to going back to work as I know the care afforded to my youngest (who is not yet enrolled but will be shortly) will be second to none! I would absolutely recommend Avenues at Carina as it is under the direction of Vicki because the level of care that I have experienced is really comforting. Thank you to everyone there who have a really important job of looking after and nurturing my children who I love dearly.
My daughter has been attending Avenues at Carina for the last 4 years and my son started earlier this year and another baby starting later this year so it is like our second home! I can't speak more highly of the staff and Vicky at Avenues Carina. We are extremely comfortable in sending our children to daycare to be cared for the team at Avenues and know they not just provide a great environment for our children to learn, develop, grow and have fun but also to be nurtured and loved. As a mother it can pull at our heart strings to have to send our kids to daycare but I feel that the next best environment they can be in is with the teachers at Avenues if I can't be with them due to work. Knowing that a lot of the teachers and Vicky are parents themselves provides a great deal of comfort to me. My children have had nothing but the best experiences at Avenues Carina and believe they have turned out to be special little humans thanks to Vicky and the staff.