Teddy Bear Early Learning Centre - Vine Street

33 Vine Street - Hurstville NSW 2220

(02) 9553 6006

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If you are looking for good teachers, don't miss Teddy bear in vine st. Because director miss Belinda is a good teacher with many years of experience in educating children, and even children with special needs can be well educated. My son has autism, but he has only been in teddy bear for two months, which really surprised me. His OT, speech pathology and psychology and miss Belinda work very well together. They communicate very often and even telephone conferences to help my child with various problems. He is now happier than before, can talk a lot, and is no longer shy. I really appreciate all educators hard work on him. In addition, there are many activities such as dancing and football, which my two kids like very much.
I love my preschool - this is what my son told me everyday. Teddy Bear Early Learning Centre had satisfying me all I expected from a child care centre. Clean - Mary is the owner of the centre, she is such warm and caring lady. She is very strict about centre cleanliness and hygiene. Variety of activity - this centre provide so many fun and quality activity to the children daily. They also had extra class like yoga, music, soccer, ballet etc.. daily during the week. They hire all the professionals come to teach the children in the centre. My son love to play in the backyard, it got so many kids out door play equipment, comparing to other centre it only has few, this backyard look like a mini park. Caring for the children - the most important thing with all the parents looking for in the childcare centre. Miss Belinda the director she has extensive experience in her area, she cares about children's feeling. Every child is unique, they need different care, education and caring. She will focus on children's needs and feeling first, especially with the kids just started in the centre. This is what happened to my boy in the beginning when he just started, he will get really upset and vomit it. Miss Belinda will carry him and give him a lot of attention, make sure he is felt secure and been loved, soon after he is settled. Miss Belinda love to work on the floor with children, she put children as her first priority, she will focus on each child's needs. My boy used to be lack of confidence and concentration and very not independent, now his concentration have improved dramatically and he felt more confident in front of people and independent now. I can't tell how happy and thankful to Miss Belinda work on my child, it like give me a new boy , a happy confident boy. To me this is the best child care centre in Hurstville, all the educators in the centre is warm and caring, children in the centre will not only be happy, they will progress, they will be more confident. I highly recommend this child care to everyone.